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Don't Buy This Game

PresBarackbar | Jan. 2, 2013 | Review of Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days - PC

Kane and Lynch 2 is an awful, awful experience. Mostly due to the fact that you can see flashes of brilliance throughout the game that just don't quite come together enough to make the game interesting. The "amateur video" graphical style, with color separation and deliberate frame drops when something big explodes make it an interesting game to look at. Fragile Alliance multiplayer is also a great concept, pitting you and your teammates against AI police while you conduct a heist. At any point, someone can turn traitor and attempt to take all the cash, rather than escaping and splitting it. Sadly, that is where the positives end. The game is downright ugly. Textures look extremely low res. The controls are pretty janky, I never felt like they were as responsive as they could be. Speaking of janky, the AI in this game is pretty terrible, awkwardly snapping to cover from strange angles, as well as being pretty dumb in general. The game is also pitifully (perhaps mercifully?) short. I played the game coop with a friend on normal, and we beat it in three hours, even with a few deaths and restarts. Also, at the time I played it, the online multiplayer was completely dead, so I never even got to try it out (I had only played the multiplayer demo map). This game isn't worth your money at any price, even if you are morbidly curious.