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Has improved since that last game.

PsyWolf | June 14, 2013 | Review of Metro Last Light Overflow - PC

Last Light has improved it's game play mechanics since the last game but it still suffers from certain elements that 2033 had. The gun play definitely feels a lot better than in 2033 and the suppressed weapons feel like they work against armor enemies unlike 2033 were if you didn't kill them in the first shot everyone knew where you were. Also instead of alerting all the enemies of were you're at they become cautious prompting the enemies to sweep the area. If they find a body then they become alert. Along with the new weapons, each weapon can be customized instead of having different types of the same weapons which is really nice. One thing that it still suffer from is the stealth mechanic. You can be right next to them in the shadow and they will not notice you at all. They're some other things the I probably forgot to mention but overall I think this game is better than Metro 2033.