Reviews by Punkmafflez


The Alien game Most of us have been waiting for!

Punkmafflez | Oct. 17, 2014 | Review of Alien Isolation (1) - PC

Ok i will start with the bad first, and it really isnt bad. 1 : The alien can be a butt when trying to get around it later in the game on hard difficulty (the best way to play) but not record for. 2 : You get no real friends :( for the good now. 1: First off the atmoshpere in A:I is damn perfect, every sound sounds loud and clumsy if you arent careful while playing as Amanda Ripley the daughter to Ellen Ripley. The sounds and visuals are the stand out feature for me at least, as they suck you in and wont let go. 2: The alien and ncp AI are fairly smart and react to eachother and not just the player. Yes you could shoot the humans if you wanted but, why not toss a noise maker and have the alien charge in and kill em all? This doesnt always work though so be mindful! 3 : The game is very well optimized despite its requirements. Obviously dont expect to run awesome on ultra if you have a 7 year old graphics card or even computer. 4 : The story can be a tad bit cliche at parts, but is very fun and intriguing to go through and well worth the time it takes (roughly 16 to 20 hours) to complete. 5 : After the main story is done you have two DLC, the Crew Expendable dlc and the Last survivor dlc (if thats the right name) both of which are excellent and then there is the Survivor mode that puts you in a map with challenges, objectives and the Alien, fun fun! Overall the game can be meh for some and perfect for others, as not everyone likes the same game. Very solid game with solid gameplay, beautiful graphics and audio and very fun Alien AI. We dont mention the Working Joes, they are just jerks!


Stick to the shadows, and you will strike true!

Punkmafflez | Oct. 17, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

This as most other reviews have stated is one of the best games out in its generation. The graphics aren't the best, but beauty from this game does not come from the graphics in the first place The city of Dunwall is where the beauty is, Twisted as it is intriguing. The walls hold the lies and truths of a world well detailed and writhing with ingenuity. The story is a bit cliche and obviously with cliches not the most original, again though, Dishonored thrives on its replayability. Want to kill everyone? You may do so, but, will your choice harm the city or help it. Want to spare many of the enemy? you may do so, but, how will you spare them? Force them into hiding, send them to work in a mine? It is up to you how your story unfolds. You can go through the game without killing a soul, well save for one man i believe. Master skills like slow time, and level it up to completely stop time and fire bullets at your enemies while frozen and unfreeze time and watch them die while you are standing behind them in the shadows. Summon rats to kill and eat the bodies instead of having to hide them then infiltrate one of your furry friends to escape harm. This game has many ways to complete every mission, many entrances and alleys. It is worth the buy. I would suggest getting the GOTY edition at this point. Remember, this is a game where you are free to choose which path you take. BUT remember, it isnt as open world as skyrim or others like it. Should a sequel be made i believe we will then have a true open world Dishonored experience! I give the game a 95 because of its mass of replay value. However I take off five points for its cliche story and somewhat short gameplay time depending on how you play.


Great Story, Great Game.

Punkmafflez | Oct. 17, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite NA Post - PC

Ok, I got this game out of the gate, the game is great. If you have a medium to high end pc you are going to have a great looking game. The voice acting is superb, as well as the story. The story itself may take well ill let you figure it out. The re playability is there, but, will you want to revisit Columbia that often? Probably not. Multilayer was never implemented like Bioshock 2. It would have been fun and added to the game. I respect though, the devs decision to not include it into the game. I would recommend going slow and absorbing the story and back story told through Voxophones, Infinites version of audio logs. Don't rush and pay attention to all the details. Since the new DLC is coming out soon as well this is a perfect time to jump into columbia just in time to make it back to rapture after you finish the main story! Love the game Love the story. Also just to throw this in the air the game is extremely gruesome in the way of death portrayed. SO i would say DONT buy this for your younger kids around age 10 unless you think they are mature enough to experience the gore.