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The closest thing top perfection

Pvtmini | Oct. 31, 2013 | Review of GRID Overflow 1 - PC

In all my many years of gaming, I have never ever been captivated by any game, like I was with Racedriver: GRID. Back in 2007 (when it was released), the graphics were out-of-this-world, and to this day they still look amazing! The cars in the game, are equally amazing, and can be set up for whatever playstyle you prefer, be it hardcore simulation, or a more arcade-ish feel. And even if you somewhere in the heat of battle should make a mistake, the nifty "flashback" function, allows you to rewind time and study what you did wrong. Then, at a time of your choosing, you may then start the race again (like, 10 seconds before you crashed), and this time clear that corner without crashing. THAT is a VERY usefull thing when you want to learn how to corner properly! :D Apart from that, the damage physics of the game still rival some of todays top titles (not going to name them), if not surpass them all together. Every little bumb you make in your car, leaves a dent and a scratch. And if you're unlucky (or have the hardest difficulty enabled!) that little bumb may have huuuuge consequenses. And don't even think about slacking. The AI is ferocious and will not give you an quarter (unless they are on easy. In which case they are... well... easy). They will gladly loose a wing to get you 3 spots back. And they do it. All in all, this is the perfect combination of hardcore simulation, childfriendly arcade-style racing, and beautiful graphics and physics engine. If you ask me, there is no better racing game out there. Defo a must have, for all would-be racers! Sincerely Pvtmini


Great Arcade(ish) Racer

Pvtmini | Oct. 31, 2013 | Review of GRID 2 POST - PC

Have you ever had that urge to get out there in that awesome car, and just race through the streets of Chicago, to the sound of the roaring crowd, the thundering engine and the sound of adrenaline pumping through your veins? I know I had. And GRID 2 delivers the second best thing. All of the above, but virtual (which means no sweaty armpits and no sore necks from crashes). When it comes down to it, GRID 2 is more of an arcade style racer, than an actual simulation. Sure, the physcis engine is amazingly great, and the graphics could well be taken out of the real world. But when it comes to handling, the cars are way too... Cartoony. They accelerate way too fast, and their brakes are insanely good. Its like you're driving a darn F1 car. That does make it one helluva lot of fun to play with your mates, weekend after weekend. Racing around the world in slightly-too-fast cars, and wrecking each other on purpose. That is fun. If you are looking for a great arcadestyle racing game, with amazing graphics, beautiful sounds, close-to-perfect damage physics and hours of mindless violent fun, then this is it. If you are, however (like I was) looking for a game more like the very first GRID. Don't bother. It's nothing like it. It's a great game, but very different in every way. I'd say you'd be better off getting Forza 4 for Xbox 360. But that's just me :) Hope it helped. :) Sincerely Pvt. Mini


Brilliant Game!

Pvtmini | Oct. 20, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown Overflow - PC

My experience with Xcom: Enemy Unknown, was nothing short of Amazing. I was faced with a seemingly impossible task, of fighting aliens while also managing a base and the economy of it, plus having to please a council of the major nations on earth. And believe me when I say it was hard. In fact, a lot harder than I initially thought it would be when I first heard of this game. But the feeling of having beaten back an alien strike force, with nothing but four guys and their Assault rifles, is amazing. I found the online part, however, to be a bit repetitive. That's the only reason I do not feel I can justify giving it a rating of 100. but this game, is a must! I highly recommend it!