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Great fun

PwnzoneX1 | Aug. 3, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC Pack - PC

I played this game through, and enjoyed every second of it. Telltale Games does well again, and if you are interested in a game that is more towards a movie, and captures your thoughts in it's choices, and sometimes confuses you with it's puzzles, this game is surely something I would highly recommend. 400 Days DLC is an okay pack, and though it was short, I went through a couple of times to get a "better" ending. A wonderful story based game.


Short, but Fun

PwnzoneX1 | Aug. 3, 2013 | Review of Darksiders (1) - PC

I played through this game in a short amount of time, and noticed how this was a sloppy port from consoles, but if you are looking for a hack and slash, that has some elements from games like The Legend of Zelda, this game is a good pick, however, it has it's glitches. Highly recommended anyway.