Total Chore

ROCKLOBSTA | Aug. 23, 2014 | Review of Total War Rome II Post - PC

Note: I will not refer to the misleading E3 Pre-Alpha demo because that was just a Pre-Alpha - Even if we expect CA to deliver something better than what is shown on a Pre-Alpha. Rome II was a total disappointment. From when I first installed it I had experienced issues, at one point the game would not work which would mean I had to verify the integrity of the game cache. I remember the dread of the tutorial levels where the enemy would randomly walk away endlessly from my horribly overpowered Hastatii and Triarii before finally dying. If only I could speed this process up, but the problem was that the fast forward function was not working at all. The UI was unintuitive and annoying to use. Building stuff became tedious and it felt like I was playing a touchscreen version of a game. In order to get helpful information about a unit, I have to hover my mouse over the unit card for a while and sometimes I am prompted to open a website because screw people without properly functioning internet connections. Rome (despite being the title and "starter" faction) is hard to play, sometimes maddeningly so. You are literally surrounded by enemies and your townsfolk are never happy; it's like my cities are inhabited by teenagers. So this already confuses the uninitiated and "new" who might want to play this Total War title before the others who are now unwilling to try the others. The game performs poorly, optimization is all over the place. You can run this game on ultra and it will run smoothly, but put it on medium with the overpriced Blood and Gore pack on and the FPS will drop like Skrillex's bass. Performance varies heavily between different GPUs so this doesn't help the consumer choose the right GPU to play this game with. However, the map design is really well done and I must admit that the ability to wait a few days for the weather to improve is nice, even though it is eventually redundant because you always end up with "Dry" climate because that doesn't work against you or the enemy. The opening cinematic is also decently animated but doesn't have the same feel as Napoleon or Empire's openings. Play Shogun II, Empire, Rome I or Medieval II instead and ignore this game's existence like the real fans had to before they got punished even further by Creative Assembly's nonsensical bombardment of stupid DLC like Blood and Gore and the ability to have pirates in the game, both of those are free or already in the game.