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RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 10, 2014 | Review of ENSLAVED Odyssey to the West Premium Edition - PC

This game is surprisingly obscure, I've had a very hard time even hearing about it and I stumbled on it by accident. The gameplay is pretty great and the story is also really neat along with the really great voice acting and amazing character interactions although I would advise using a controller seeing as the mouse camera controls are extremely wonky currently, but otherwise it is an underrated gem.



RaTcHeT302 | April 23, 2014 | Review of Monday Night Combat (3) - PC

This is such a fun game, the gameplay is pretty emergent and honestly I found it to be quite a change compared to most multiplayer games although the community is currently fairly small so finding other players might be a bit difficult but the blitz mode is pretty entertaining on it's own anyway.



RaTcHeT302 | April 1, 2014 | Review of Goat Simulator - PC

Goats can't get any goater than this. You've never seen and you'll never experience ogre again. Goats also have nice bears and there's tall goats in this game from Africa and somewhere else. Also no goat shaped foods are allowed, -1 point because of that.



RaTcHeT302 | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of Silent Storm Gold Edition Steam - PC

Silent Storm was my first PC game I ever got my hands on, before MDK2 though. I have never played such a fun game as this one, it does play a lot like XCOM Enemy Unknown, although it isn't as dynamic and it is more mission oriented but similarly to the older XCOM games you can partialy complete your mission objectives wich might completly change the location of future missions or it will decide whenever you can accomplish a specific task on tour. The gameplay is relatively smooth and compared to the new XCOM the turn strategy play is a bit more complex with branched skill trees, specialities, inventory management including ammo, bandages, demoltion items and so on giving S2 quite some depth. There's only a campaign mode but players can have random skirmishes on the world map if they wish to level up their characters or either find some unique weaponry, sadly the campaign is rather short and the AI may take a while to complete it's own turn seeing as it doesn't play in a simulatenous way. The soundtrack and graphics are pretty great, no issues there but the game lacks any multiplayer or cooperative modes. Also the game has a pretty neat destruction system, you could blow up holes in walls to confere certain advantages for yourself and so on, I could go on forever.


Simply Amazing

RaTcHeT302 | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of Space Engineers - PC

Space Enginners has to be one of the most promising videogames I have ever player, the physics destruction make it already more fun than most exsisting space simulators, you could easily have fun with it by simply crashing into stuff, seeing another ship snap in two with it's debris flying all over space is just gorgeous to see, and even though the game might be rather unstable at the moment it is possibly waste entire hours with this building gigantic ships wich you can also share on the newly integrated Steam Workshop. You could even build your own home sweet home, add thrusters to it and see it crumble as everythings falls apart while you mash it through...things!


Another great pack

RaTcHeT302 | Sept. 8, 2013 | Review of Red Faction Collection - PC

Red Faction games are known for the amazing destruction physics from Red Faction Guerilla, one of the most fun game from the whole pack, Guerilla alone being worth a lot more than previous or next Red Faction entries. The first Red Faction games feature a more basic destruction but it's still fairly interesting even if occasional. There's also once in a while vehicle sections but most are rather uninteresting, the gunplay though is really fun. Guerilla's gunplay might not be as great but the building destruction is simply amazing, blowing up bridges and seeing pieces from it slowly falling apart is magic. Red Faction Armageddon pushed the engine with much more impressive weapons and destruction, although it sadly became linear and is not open world anymore back to the original Red Faction style. The Horde mode is pretty fun with another player and the campaign is alright but nothing mind blowing. A must have if you were looking to try the RF series!


Great pack!

RaTcHeT302 | Sept. 8, 2013 | Review of Civilization Pack - PC

This is such an amazing pack when discounted, Civilization V is such an addicting game, you could easily get 30 hours out of it only on a single playthrough. The AI does cheat sometimes though but it's usualy pretty easy to defeat. The new features BNW introduces makes this alone a worthy purchase greatly improving Civilization V. The game is also fairly easy to pickup, much easier than it's predecessors and it should be fairly easy to understand how everything works out.Although the AI may sometimes cheat a little it's still fairly easy to defeat so do not worry about pumping up the difficulty level over Prince. It also features a fairly large modding community, you can easily install new mods with the included mod manager by downloading mods from the Steam workshop or either from other websites such as Civ Fanatics. Overall, a must have and a steal when discounted, it's also a great time waster.


Great time killer

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 22, 2013 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

Thanks to the huge variety of new masks, heists, revamped gunplay and such Payday 2 has to be one of the most fun coop games I have ever played, the gameplay itself being much more varied, you can pick how you'll approach the different heists instead of being limited to one single choice. The game went for an RPG level up system, players being able to level up wich will grant them more skill points to spend on four different classes and so on. Payday is a game wich must be played with other players though, as the local singleplayer bots are fairly rudimentary and were mostly added as a filler, players can still go solo but certain heists might be too difficult to complete alone, the game itself generaly rewarding players which play as a group. One huge flaw has to be, a randomized mission system wich is supposed to make players feel more immersed, itself being quite an annoyance instead, players might have a difficult time finding their favourite heist on the map. Some high tier enemies also tend to be somewhat bulletproof wich can be quite a hassle at the highest difficulty levels. There's also a new stealth mechanic but I won't go too in depth with it. Anyway, the game itself doesn't feel like a "Left 4 Dead" mod anymore and it actualy manages to stand on it's own, thanks to the new gameplay. It's a must have for avid co op fans!



RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto IV Steam - PC

GTA IV offers a much more interesting storyline than the previous GTA games. Even though it's probably more "edible" most missions are rather generic and not as extravagant as you'd expect from previous GTA titles, most missions being limited to going from point A to B to kill C. The only thing GTA IV did great is the new car damage physics system, along with the ragdolls pedestrians have whenever Niko runs anyone over. The soundtrack is also great but it still fails to be varied, most tracks being really dull overall. It also lacks all the fun toys from previous games such as, attack helicopters, miniguns, jet packs, chainsaws and so on. Overall GTA IV feels incomplete, it's as if it was mostly created with the mindset of being a glorified tech demo instead of an actual game, the PC port itself being pretty poor, running at absymal framerates on most modern systems. Even with it's flaws though, the gunplay was certainly improved, and overall the driving too has become much satisfying. Thankfully the game is also quite moddable so the fun stuff can be easily added with some tweaking.


One of the greatest city sims ever

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition NA - PC

SimCity 4 is among one of the most complex city simulation I have ever seen, sort of. City planning is extremely important as far as I know, it will affect how your city will grow and evolve, bad laid out cities usualy risk of going bankrupt much earlier during the very beggining, roads becoming annoyingly full of cars crashing at every single intersection wich they can find. For being such an old game the learning curve is pretty steep, you might have to nuke your city multiple times before you'll manage to obtain the perfect city. Even though this can get tedious SimCity allows you to create a whole world full of cities wich can focus on certain jobs. You could easily create a city wich acts as a huge dump, while your other cities easily prosper by throwing their trash to their annoying neighbour. There are some issues with the simulation once in a while such as cars randomly dissapearing way too frequently or Sims not finding their way to work, even though it was one road ahead his house. The soundtrack is what kept me hooked though, the game also offers a great editor full of terraforming tools, allowing you to create tangled islands, huge deserts and so on. Otherwise, the gameplay itself is well worth your time, the ability of driving a tank into your city or spawning aliens to smash your city to pieces is priceless. SimCity 4 is far ahead than most modern city sims wich even fail to be as fun as SC4.



RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of World in Conflict Complete Edition - PC

World in Conflict is one of the most satisfying RTS games I have ever played after Total Annihilation, the multiplayer is ensured fun. WoC is one of the few modern RTS games I actualy enjoyed, it's singleplayer campaign is relatively interesting. It is also visualy pleasant, the battlefield itself changing completly whenever you use a devastating nuke.



RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 11, 2013 | Review of Guncraft Steam - PC

Guncraft is your average FPS shooter, even though the game gives its players the ability of building their own battlefield the shooting is generaly unsatisfying and it's not graphicaly appealing at all with it's rather uninspired style.


A must have

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 3, 2013 | Review of Max Payne 3 Steam - PC

Max Payne 3 moved on to a more generic holywood plotline, though we get to see how progressively Max's depression forces him to accept the faith of his family once in for all, being left with nothing else to fight for or live for. The technical part about Max Payne 3 is marvelous, a revolution in third person shooters, one of a kind, the gunplay being extremely fun and it's sure going to suck you in within it's caotic gameplay, surprisingly for being a next gen entry of an older game Max Payne 3 is actualy quite challenging compared to most generic TPS/FPS games we have met. The game itself is a great PC port, but sadly the ammount of HD cutscenes contributed to the ridiculous size of 30 GBs, instead of being rendered in-game, though that's no excuse to not get this game.


Riddled with fun

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 3, 2013 | Review of Max Payne STEAM - PC

Max Payne is a blast from the past of 2001, anyone who played this game got to see how the developers managed to create such an immersive Noire atmosphere with some of the greatest soundtracks ever composed, overall drammatic allowing us to feel the pain Max had to go through his whole life. The game itself is full of action and the player will never feel bored, the plot twists are always nicely done and never felt forced. Surprisingly the game also features quite a nice ammount of ambientations, all of them being and feeling different. From Max's suburban house to a ghostly subway and so on.



RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 22, 2012 | Review of Far Cry 3 - PC

Far Cry 3 is such an amazing sequel to Far Cry 2, it has a great CO-OP mode and a breath taking island, the gameplay also being extremely fun and varied with a rather interesting story and one very special villain. The game looks gorgeous on PC at the highest settings and it's fairly well optimized. If you liked FC2 you'll surely love this one.


Best RTS ever

RaTcHeT302 | July 15, 2012 | Review of Company of Heroes (1) - PC

Company of Heroes is just one of the best RTS games I have ever played, it's intuitive, easy and fun to play. Everything is balanced and it offers lot's of interesting challenges troughout the game. The multiplayer is lot's of fun with some friends too. It is graphicaly amazing too for an RTS and the price is reasonable. Get it while it's hot!



RaTcHeT302 | March 27, 2012 | Review of Bully Scholarship Edition - PC

Bully is a rather unique game. The player has lot's of freedom to do whatever he wants wich other games don't allow. Graphicaly it's great, there are some performance issues in certain areas of the game sadly. The soundtrack is unique too and it's a pleasure to listen to it. The gameplay is really original as in some parts of the game you can even take part in Halloween pranks and more. Taking classes also gives you some extra bonuses such as being able to regain more health when kissing a girl or more strenght.


Massive grinding, bland singleplayer

RaTcHeT302 | March 27, 2012 | Review of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - PC

When you play most levels tend to be rather linear and overall the story is rather bland and confusing at times as some details aren't explained at all. Most times you'll find yourself being given orders by other characters in the game, most times they will it stay in front of you meaning that they will it actualy take part in more action than you do. The multiplayer feels like an endless grinding just to get the best weapons and signatures. The atachments are nice but afterall they seem to give unfair advantages over new players as the game doesn't rely really on the player's skill but more on the player's weaponry, most times players may find themselves fighting versus players with the best equipment in the game wich is really not fun. The graphics haven't really improved and there seem to lack many basic options with made the older Call Of Duty great. I would recomend to not buy this unless you really want to try out the campaign by yourself. The price is just too high and it would be wiser to buy an earlier game from the series.


Fun but repetitive

RaTcHeT302 | March 27, 2012 | Review of Sanctum - PC

Sanctum is truly graphicaly and gameplay wise really nice, sadly the game can get rather repetitive while surviving trough the hordes of enemies. The ambient music is done very well tough and the locations will it leave you with your breath open, tough some exploration wouldn't have hurt. Players can even buy extra levels in DLC form or weapons wich may annoy others as there is no other way of obtaining or unlocking them. The survival CO-OP mode is really fun with a friend, the multiplayer community is not very alive and rarely players play. For the low price it sure is worth to buy if you want to kill some time.


Fun game

RaTcHeT302 | March 27, 2012 | Review of Rayman Origins - PC

Rayman Origins is a really gourgeous and fun game, the developers decided to go back to the original 2D style with some major graphical improvements. The characters have all it's own charm and also the action is rather humorous with many silly animations and more. It is a bit overpriced ($40) for a 2D game but I still would recomend buying it.



RaTcHeT302 | March 27, 2012 | Review of SkyDrift - PC

SkyDrift is a really fun game, with it's amazing graphics and fun multiplayer it will conquer every player's heart. There are many locations to fly at also racing won't be enough, you'll have to take down your opponets by using powerups scattered around the track. It also takes some time to get used to the controls, but after it's really fun to play!


Good family simulator

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 28, 2011 | Review of The Sims 3 - PC

Graphicaly it has been improved by a lot, it doesn't have the quality of games such as Crysis but it stil looks good, sadly to be played fluidly it requires quite a powerfull computer. The sounds and music have improved too, the sims talk, more realistic sounds effects and more. Gameplay wise there are many things to do and many things to modify and play with. You can have your own family or just live on your own, get a job, become rich and etc. Longevity? It's virtualy unlimited as players can create new objects wich they can share with other players.


The Sims 2: University review

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 28, 2011 | Review of The Sims 2 University - PC

Graphicaly it uses the original Sims 2 engine so it's the same. In this expansion you will it find new features which make the gameplay more various and increase it's value. It is fun and long enough too. The sounds effects have remained unchanged as the graphics so you can still appreciate all the details and such. Everybody who likes this genre should get this.



RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 28, 2011 | Review of The Sims Medieval - PC

The Sims: Medieval has RPG elements wich make it less of a simulator. The quest structure represent an interesting innovation in the series. It uses the same graphical engine as Sims 3 with some noticeable tweaks. Good medieval like soundtrack, the sounds effects are average tough. Still, the game is pretty long and as your will it progress the player will it have to develop better strategies to beat the next quests. The good thing is that it tried to do something new wich makes it quite fun to play at.


Make your own missions

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 25, 2011 | Review of Spore Galactic Adventures - PC

In Spore: Galactic Adventures will it be able to create your own missions by using your creativity and the in-game tools you are offered. The camera and the movement isn't really fitting for an action like game, battles between the players and the enemies aren't really spectacular or fun. Graphicaly it hasn't improved and still has the same graphics as Spore. The sounds effects are various but the voices for example can be pretty ridiculous as they weren't made to really fit the characters. It is pretty long tough as there will it be always many player created levels to play at so there is a big variety of choises. Repetitive missions make the game feel boring and bland wich is sad for a game such as Spore.



RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 25, 2011 | Review of Darkspore - PC

Darkspore, sequel of Spore introduced many new things and innovative ones such as the ability of having a squad full of heroes, custom abilities and etc. Sadly it fails to deliver, the game plays and is extremely tedious, not because of the difficulty, but because of the linearity and the boring feeling it emanes. Thankfully there is a CO-OP mode wich makes the game quite more fun. Graphicaly it is good too but the ambients and locations feel quite empty and repetitive, they don't really differentiate between themselves. If it wasn't for the linearity of the levels and the badly made ambients and many other things it could have been quite a good game. Spore still feels more fun to play at and I was able to be creative, Darkspore limited it (my creativity).



RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 25, 2011 | Review of Spore - PC

Fun, with pretty graphics, and many other things. Graphicaly it's pretty simple and it looks good, there sounds fx are very well done. The gameplay is interesting and new, you start as a tiny "bacteria" and meanwhile you evolve reaching space age where you have your own cities, vehicles, planes and etc. Sadly the space age can get quite repetitive as there isn't much to do other than trading and fighitng or socialing, still, it is really long wich is good. Players can also create all kinds of creatures and share them online wich is another cool thing. It is more a kids oriented game so, I don't really think that adults are going to have fun with it.



RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 23, 2011 | Review of Anno 2070 - PC

Anno 2070 is full of content, great graphics with a really good gameplay. It is somewhat "sticky" as you will it play a lot at Anno 2070. Sadly some sort of fast-forward would've been nice and the game isn't always really clear. Still, as a successesor to the precedent game it managed to come out with something fresh. The future setting is really intriguing and it offers many new opportunities. The online is very well done and the campaign too, the lovers of this genre will it stick on their chair and also novice players will it enjoy it too!


Out of the box

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 23, 2011 | Review of BioShock - PC

Bioshock is not what I expected it to be. It features an amazing storyline and it lasts about 20 hours. Graphicaly amazing and not heavy, fluids and physics are good looking also the narration and such are very well done making you feel even more immersed in the underwater city of Rapture. You will it have to take advantage of your powers and weapons in order to outsmart your enemies. The soundtrack is immersive, it has the quality of a movie to say so. There isn't much else to say about it, it's a great, unique and fun game wich you can't miss out.


One of the best games I have ever played

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 17, 2011 | Review of Assassins Creed - PC

Assassin's Creed is one of these games wich deserved more attention. When I played at a friend's house I had many hours full of fun, it was always fun to go around on a horse, killing random enemies in the villages and such. The music and the ambientations are truly amazing, when getting pursuited you will it love to hear that music. What I liked mostly was the story, very nicely written. Sadly the game can become a bit repetitive and finding hidden flags isn't the most fun thing to do. You should get it if you want to try something new, out of the box!


Fun, with limits

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 17, 2011 | Review of Mercenaries 2 World in Flames - PC

The game's tough point is the destroyability of buildings and stuff, sadly there are some limits at how much you can destroy wich ruined a bit my fun. Still the CO-OP is really fun to play with a friend, causing chaos around the city. The game suffers from bad optimization so even if you have a great computer you might experience unstable framerates, graphicaly it could've been better but isn't. Still the game isn't bad, there are certain humorous parts wich make the players experience more acceptable. There are many challenges too and the game is pretty long but in certain situations the AI might just act in wierd ways or sometimes it doesn't even work at all.


Unique and fun

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 17, 2011 | Review of The Saboteur - PC

The Sabouteur is a mix of Assassins Creed and stealth only with big explosions. The beautifull graphics and locations are very well done, you will it find yourself climbing at the Eiffel Tower just to jump off it. You will it have to destroy bridges, tanks and specific buildings in order to restore freedom in the places taken by the Nazzist, areas under enemy controll when entered will it make the screen turn into black and white but after freeing the areas the natural colors will it return, but beware, they are pretty tough guys, they won't give up on killing you easily! You can wear other people's clothes to infiltrate in certain areas. Sadly the game can be quite heavy to be played at the max settings but it is pretty enjoyable. The music is extremely done but sometimes after a bit The Sabouter might get a bit repetitive and boring, there are even collectibles such as having to find every single vehicle.



RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 17, 2011 | Review of Batham Arkham City - PC

Whether you are or not fans of Batman, you will it like this game. Technically and visually sublime, well written story and above all beautiful and fun to play. The variety of environments, collectibles and the additional missions affect the game's length in a pleasent way, varying from 15-20 hours, even more if you will it unlock Catwoman. A must buy.


Room for improvement

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 17, 2011 | Review of Dungeon Siege III - PC

I expected the game to be pretty mediocre but it managed to preserve a little bit the feeling of the first classic game, too bad that the controlls are uncomfortable and it feels really repetitive. There are issues with the camera and overall it doesn't feel as complex and complete as the first game was. The good thing about it is the CO-OP, Online and Offline and it is a game for almost everybody and pretty long too, the story isn't of quality tough and it makes the game not really worth to be bought for the price it has now.


Not as good as Tomb Raider but still fun

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 17, 2011 | Review of Project Snowblind - PC

Project Snowbing was concepted as a Deus Ex spin off with some RPG elements, it doesn't try to be innovative but it isn't bad tough. Sound and music are average but the gameplay is really fun (even if sometimes you might get frustated from it) and challenging. Graphicaly some textures are bad looking and there aren't really complex buildings, but at least there is a smooth frame rate wich allows for more enemies at once and really vast areas.


Different from the rest

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 17, 2011 | Review of Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light - PC

The first noticeable thing will it be the new CO-OP feature. The developers structured the levels in such way that you can complete them even if you are alone, too bad the controlls aren't that great as the level design. The game is 8 hours long and there isn't really and replayiability but considering the price what's offered is really good. It uses the graphical engine from Tomb Raider Underworld, no wonder it looks so good. There are many enigms and such but it is a bit dissapointing that the developers hadn't put more effort into it.


Fun as the first chapter in the series

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 17, 2011 | Review of Tomb Raider Legend - PC

Gameplay is fun and has variety, following a bit the first game's rules. As always there are impressive locations from where the player can play at, too bad that the quality of the enemies and animals (graphicaly looking) isn't up to par with Lara's quality also the length of the game is extremely short, something wich you wouldn't expect from a title of the calibre of Tomb Raider is the real weak poin wich made the game loose many points. The soundtrack still remains amazing (it is better than the sound fx).


Really good Tomb Raider

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 17, 2011 | Review of Tomb Raider Underworld - PC

Graphically Tomb Raider: Underworld improved by a lot, Lara looks a lot better than the previous games and there is a big improvement in the animations, textures and etc. Lara has a sensual voice and the game features great ambient music. The game's formula is almost the same and there are still some camera issues but other than that it is a good title!


Great anniversary

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 17, 2011 | Review of Tomb Raider Anniversary - PC

Crystal Dynamics manged to include new gameplay elements without ruining the original elements from the first Tomb Raider, there are many evocative themes and good graphics but sometimes the camera acts wierd and there are many annoying bugs. Exploration is the tough point of this game, replaying the levels will it be a real pleasure. In-game there are even hidden secrets wich make the game a bit longer.


Almost game of the year

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 17, 2011 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 2 - PC

The game feautes dozens and dozens of secondary quests for the main campaign, a really long and very well done main story and a huge world to explore. It acts a lot better than Oblivion, you can see instantly that there was a big improvement, even if the game is now more simplistic, graphicaly there are some defects and a bug or two but as time will it go they will it get hopefully fixed. The best thing about the game is the music and the sounds effects but also fighting versus dragons is really fun. If it wasn't for the bugs it has it could've been a GOTY but it still is a great game even with that.



RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 17, 2011 | Review of Battlestations Midway - PC

Battlestations: Midway offers a really great mix between real time strategy and direct actions, it is actualy the best thing of the game. The singleplayer is pretty short but the multiplayer compensates for the hard challenges and short length. The voiceovers and sounds overall are a bit average and for example hearing the radio chatter might get boring after a bit. Other than that, it is really fun and you shouldn't miss out the multiplayer.


Worth only because of the CO-OP

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 17, 2011 | Review of Conflict Denied Ops - PC

Graphically it is not great and it feels dated. Playing alone it is pretty boring, but with two players it is actualy quite fun. The music is fitting to the game but the sound fx for the weapons for example aren't that great. The gameplay isn't really special, there are some seconday quests and there is also a possibility of choosing the going of certain events, other than that I wouldn't buy it for the Singleplay, only for the Multiplayer and CO-OP.


Must buy

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 16, 2011 | Review of LA Noire - PC

L.A. Noire is a must have game. It features very well done and realistic facial expression from wich you can tell if a character is lying or not. The reconstruction of LA from the '40 is great sadly it feels less alive and credible than the locations in GTA and Mafia 2. The game is about twelve hours long plus the all the colletibles wich can be aquired. Great music from the epoch and amazing actors with quality dialogs never seen before. In L.A Noire you will it find yourself to compose a mozaic by searching for clues in order to solve the crimes, you will it have to interrogate people too in order to find out even more about the puzzle. Humour isn't missing sometimes, as Cole (the main character) will it act in certain ways when choosing certain options in the interrogations. Even if there are some defects it is really worth to buy as it is a unique and very well done detective like game wich I have waited since a lot.


The beggining of a great game

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 16, 2011 | Review of Just Cause - PC

Just Cause is a game with huge places to visit and with ton of vehicles to use at your pleasure both in the air and groud too, sadly there aren't many places where you can do crazy stuff with your armaments and more. Many areas feel empty and there are also many clipping issues while playing, the audio feels pretty unstable too wich can annoy the player. Gameplay wise there are tons of places to explore and stuff to do where life's at, that's when and where you are going to have fun. It is pretty lengthfull but there isn't really a variety in missions, sometimes certain sidequets are praticaly the same to others. Graphicaly good for it's time but not perfect as they exagerated with reflexions for example and with some way too bright lights, tough it is not a bad title, the soundtrack is very well done and the sounds fx too!


Not the best racing game ever

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 16, 2011 | Review of Flatout Ultimate Carnage - PC

An interesting game at first but wich later on shows it's defects. There are many tracks but all of them are banaly similar to eachother. Flatout has great physics, detailed and cured graphics, the most fascinating thing about it are the refractions and the way our car gets destroyed while racing. The music doesn't really seem to fit and also the sound fx is pretty bad. Honestly the only good thing about Flatout is the multiplayer mode where it actualy shines but the uninspired tracks will it make you get bored of it pretty fast.


Graphicaly unique

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 4, 2011 | Review of Crysis - PC

Crysis's strongest point are the great graphics wich in 2007 nobody achieved, it forced people and the players to upgrade their PC just to try to run the game at the highest settings possible, it even started to be used as a "benchmark" to test how powerfull their PC are. Gameplay and story wise is somewhat entertaining but it might become a little boring after a certain time of playing it also the game suffers from some bad optimization wich may make some computers even struggle to run it at certain settings to get a smooth framerate. To fully enjoy Crysis you need a really powerfull computer or you may be dissapointed.


More of a multiplayer game

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 4, 2011 | Review of Battlefield Bad Company 2 - PC

Battlefield Bad Company 2 offers great graphics but a somewhat short and linear campaing. Compared to the first game in BC2 you don't get that sense of freedome while playing at the singleplayer, every path is linear now instead. The humour from the first game is missing too, it's one of the things wich made it really special and diffirentiate from today's games taking themselves too seriously. The multiplayer has been improved from the first game but sadly it gets extremely repetitive if you don't have a friend or two to play with. Dice focused more on making it serious and on the MP part of the game and neglijed a bit the SP.


Very nicely done

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 3, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

Deus Ex: Human Revolution gives you many oportunities of evolving your character with certain implants and more. The story is really interesting but the boss fights seem just extremely out of place. Your choises can affect the storyline and how certain things can progress as in the first Deus Ex. The sneaky part is pretty well done but sometimes you can just skip entire battles wich allow sneakier players to earn even more rewards by not being seen or just being really quiet. The graphics are a big improvement from the first game also the game doesn't require any extremely good computer to be run at the highest settings, thanks to the DX11 support it looks even more gorgeous.


Not what I expected

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 3, 2011 | Review of Renegade Ops - PC

The game presents itself as "awesome" and such, too bad that it's bad controlls and some other oblivious things such as the text saying "Push the start button" made me think that this was just a lazy console port. The game doesn't even have the ability of letting you to save, it could be really usefull because of how long certain missions can take. The game difficulty is unfair at higher levels and can become extremely easy later on because of the upgrade system the game uses, you kill enemies and complety secondary levels to level up and buy power ups but you are going to die many times before you can actualy match the enemies firepower properly. This game should be bought only for the CO-OP gamemode but not because of something else.


Extremely good for it's time

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 3, 2011 | Review of Battlefield 2 Complete Collection - PC

Battlefield 2 was an extremely unique game for it's time offering things wich other games dreamed off. Great graphics, vehicles such as jets, jeeps, many weapons to choose from and an incredible gameplay made it stand out from the rest. The game doesn't require any extremely powerfull PC to be run well, certain loading times may take a bit too much tough such as the "loading shaders" screen. It still is one of the best multiplayer games wich ever existed.



RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 3, 2011 | Review of Battlefield 3 - PC

Graphicaly astonishing with a great and fun multiplayer gameplay. The game mainly focuses on the multiplayer mode, the singlelpayer mode is really short and it's more like an introduction or a small tutorial to the multiplayer. The sound counterpart is another amazing thing done extremely well also the CO-OP mode is extremely fun to play at. Explosive action with giant maps and many vehicles to drive to chause caos across everywhere. It's a game wich deserves the title of GOTY because of the innovations it brought and much more. You shouldn't it miss out!


Worth it for it's low price

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 3, 2011 | Review of Magicka - PC

Considering that the price is about 10 € Magicka is definitely a game that can give great satisfaction to the lovers of this genre as long as you can get over some graphical imperfections and the somewhat badly balanced difficulty levels wich could turn off certain players from playing. The game's longevity is about 10 hours long but the co-op mutliplayer and the challenges wich you face in the arenas can make it last a bit longer. It's a fun and humorous game, you should buy it if you love playing with a friend or two together.


Not as good as expected

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 19, 2011 | Review of Duke Nukem Forever - PC

Duke Nukem Forever was supposed to deliver something innovative and fun in the game industry but it only failed, badly. Even if it took years and years to develop the game nothing good game out of it. There isn't much to say about the gameplay, it's just going from point A to B and shoot to kill. The graphics are somewhat dated, the story is really bad, the jokes in the game are horrible, the sound is maybe the only good thing about the game but it's totaly not worth the price that it has now, it's a waste of money on an disgusting, lazily made, unentertaining videogame.


Best of all the Hitman games

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 19, 2011 | Review of Hitman Blood Money - PC

Being an assassin was never so fun as in Hitman Blood Money. The game let's you play as Agent 47, the main protagonist of the story. Agent 47 will it receive targets that need to be brought down, sometimes even only for reveange. The players have many ways of taking care of the situtation, for example you could sneak behind a house a steal a cop's uniform to infiltrare in the villa or just go the Rambo way but the game rewards players for being Silent Assassins with more money. The game has a variety of weapons like sniper rifles, pistols, bombs, poison syringes and etc. The graphics are more colorfull than any other Hitman game but better looking too. The ambient music is great and it's always fitting in the game. For the current price you can get a lot of fun out of it.


Commandos Strike Force Review

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 18, 2011 | Review of Commandos Strike Force - PC

This game has an interesting fusion between the RTS and the FPS world. It's a fun game but it could've been improved. Anyway the game is pretty linear and it's pretty short but it has a multiplayer gamemode wich lengthens the game by a bit, just to have some fun. The graphics are fine but they could've been better. The best thing done in this game was the audio and the music.


Somewhat better than the first game

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 18, 2011 | Review of Battlestrike Force of Resistance - PC

Gameplay is better than the first game but for it's times there have been many better games with good graphics, actualy good music and an actualy good plot. This is what this game is missing. The graphics could've been better but there are certain adrenalic parts in the game and some good ideas but in rest it's just bad.


A really unique and fun game

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 18, 2011 | Review of Trackmania United Forever - PC

This game isn't just as any racing game, it's crazier actualy too. Players will it find themselves racing in many complicated race tracks at extreme spees offering always challenge for masochists but don't worry there are track for begginers too! There are all sort of environments starting from deserts to islands and more. The game has an in-game editor too where you can make your custom racing tracks also players can have custom skins in their maps, for their cars and more. But the best thing about Trackmania is the multiplayer offering many hours of challenge and fun versus other players! Also TM has a local multiplayer mode (with turns) where you can challenge and beat your friends at home.


A good game that could've been better

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 17, 2011 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

Just Cause 2 is one of these games that lets you do (almost) whatever you want, or in short a sandbox like game. It was never so fun to blow stuff up in a videogame, hooking some random guy on a pole, piloting jets and etc. Graphicaly the game is astonishing but the good graphics don't really match with the gameplay. The game tends in certain moments to swarm you with waves of never ending enemies making the game sometimes instead of a challenge more an annoyance but this is solved with the unrealistic but fun to use grappling hook, Riko (the main character), has a parachute too wich can be used to literaly fly with it after reaching certain heights. The voice acting in this game is pretty bad but that wasn't really what the developers where aiming at. Just Cause 2 is a good game but sadly the bad voice acting and the repetitive gameplay ruined a bit my experience.


Fun indie space game

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 17, 2011 | Review of Space Pirates And Zombies - PC

Most people I know didn't want to buy this game because of the "Zombies" in the title but it isn't a game mainly about Zombies.This game is a 2D space shooter about a crew of pirates in search to fame and richness. You have the opportunity to have your own tiny fleet of ships, customize them with all kinds of gadgets and weapons and more. You will it play in a randomly created galaxy wich means that you will it always start from a different place but the story will it be the same tough, you can have a huge galaxy or have a tiny one, it's your choice, really. In this game you can progress at any pace as there won't be any time limits or anything, you are free to do whatever you want, you can even ignore the main missions but be carefull because your enemies may become stronger and stronger while time passes. Because the game it's on 2D the graphics are simple but very good looking also this game doesn't require any extreme PC as it runs fairly well on any system wich is a big plus. It could use some tweaks and maybe some new features like the ability of making your own buildings or maybe a multiplayer gamemode. SPAZ is a chalengefull game with lot's of hours of fun but I recommend it mostly to people that are into space games.


A masterpiece

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 16, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition - PC

Deus Ex offered many silly moments to me, certain dialogs, actions you do in the game and more. If you really like compless RPG's that have FPS mechanics too this is the game for you. The graphics of the game are dated but they can be tuned up with some custom mods, gameplay is great tough. Something really special about Deus Ex is that every single action can influence the game in a certain way, so be carefull out there and take wise decisions while playing!