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A fantastic game

Raazak | Jan. 30, 2014 | Review of DmC Devil May Cry Overflow (1) - PC

Ok, I'm a huge fan of the Devil May Cry series, and I was a little disappointed when I found out that they changed the main character, but... This game is fantastic. The soundtrack is amazing, the gameplay is awesome, the art-style is phenomenal (the guys at Ninja Theory know what they're doing) and the storyline is decent. It's an underrated game, one of the best hack'n'slash on PC. The port is really good, but I'd honestly recommend a controller for this.


Not bad, but...

Raazak | Dec. 10, 2012 | Review of Dead Island Game of the Year - PC

This game promises so much, but mostly fails to deliver. First of all, it's not a shining example of a PC port. The story of the game isn't something that you will ever care about, and the cutscenes are something that you can easily skip because they do not add anything to the immersion. In fact, some of them seems so out of place, they detract from it. Then we come to the core of the game - zombies. 95 out of 100 zombies you'll encounter are the same enemy type with different skin. The rest of them are a bit more challenging but when you do encounter them you can easily take them down with your special skill which is not worth spending on regular zombies. There's a quasi RPG character leveling, but the the fact that enemies level with you makes it redundant along side the skills being to vague or not useful in a vain attempt to make them interesting. There are guns in the game, but you have barely any ammo until late game, and you need half a dozen bullets to take down one regular infected so it's not worthwhile to invest in gun skills. Infected tend no spawn out of nowhere, even if you're in a middle of an open area and you just cleared them out - if you turn your back they may appear out of nowhere, which is particularly annoying in urban areas (there are 'pockets' of the world they will spawn non-stop). Seriously, this was dumb in Doom 3, and it's dumb here. Most of the quests are of 'go fetch' type which will make you tired of them pretty soon. To make it not sound all bad, slashing the infected is fun, kicking then down, and ripping them a new one with your burning axe. World is also interesting to explore, though you find yourself wanting to take the shortest route possible because dealing with that much zombies can get tedious.


Destroy everything, with style

Raazak | Dec. 10, 2012 | Review of Saints Row The Third - PC

Everything I've heard about Saints Row The Third is mostly true. It doesn't do anything new to revolutionize open world GTA styled games, it just does everything really well. The gameplay is pretty damn good. You can own buildings, do side missions, play the story mode in online co-op, or a survival mode. The Visuals and sound design are good, but nothing really spectacular or stylized enough to really stand out to me. The main draw for Saints Row The Third will probably be the humor. It is a funny game that has dumb humor and knows it. It can walk the fine line of being cheesy in a bad way at times, but it never crossed that line for me. All in all, it is an open world game that reminds me of what I enjoy about this genre. It has the humor, crazy story, and over the top yet refined gameplay that has been missing in GTA-like games almost this entire generation.


Awesome game

Raazak | Dec. 7, 2012 | Review of Borderlands 2 post - PC

Let me start off by saying I really enjoyed the first game a lot. This game does improve on the first one in many ways, but I'm not having as much fun with it. I like the smarter A.I., the problem is that it seems they also got stronger while changing the fact I now can't have a shield with health regen or the shields recharge differently. I'm finding that I've died a lot more in this game than in the first, which is a bummer when you're playing solo and you don't have someone to help you while you're trying to get a second wind. The story is much improved is actually a focal point in Borderlands 2. You see some characters change or develop, which I can't recall happening in the first game. Also, the writing along with the voice acting is extremely well done. There are a lot of quirky people that fill the world and fit how over the top things can be. The first game didn't have as many different looking enemies, locations, or seemed to use as many colors as this game. Not to mention they updated the engine some, so the game looks fantastic. I'm torn on my feelings toward Borderlands 2. It is clearly an improvement over the first, but it largely plays the same and got more difficult to solo. I want to love this game as much as the first, but I can't. The gameplay is too similar and the advancement of the enemy intelligence doesn't feel like they did anything to help the player combat this.