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SAS Uninstall Tomorrow

RageAid | April 28, 2013 | Review of SAS Secure Tomorrow - PC

SAS Secure Tomorrow is a Squad Combat First Person Shooter. The Story is nothing special your part of the "Elite" SAS Unit ("Special" Forces to me) and theres 2 terrorist that your tracking down blah blah boring. Your weapons include what you expect Ak-47,M4 Carbine and Sniper Rifles, you have your standard frag grenades and stun grenades,lastly you have night vision and gas mask (which is used in like one mission).Graphics are bad especially for 2010 there were really good looken games that year (Medal of Honor 2010 for example although not the best game).Now the AI...... is just a damn tease your squad members might as well be mentally challenged because sometimes they don't even shoot the enemy there could be like 10 guys and out of those 10 they would probably kill 1 of 10 because they see them and there like whatever then i shoot like 9 and there like "O maybe we should shoot those guys".Now the enemy on the other hand can throw a grenade across half the map and kill you -_- (keep in mind i played on hard and my team mates still were stupid). Should you get this game Hell No! i beat that story mode in 2 hours and theres no multiplayer or any other feature just skip this one in fact pretend it does not even exist! -RageAid