Reviews by RaidenHayabusa


Hugely enjoyable RPG

RaidenHayabusa | Dec. 12, 2012 | Review of Risen 2 Dark Waters - PC

The first Risen game slipped under the radar a bit, as well as being banned in a country or two for drug references but was a very solid and fun RPG which felt like a bit of an Oblivion and Diablo hybrid. Risen 2 follows in a very similar manner to the first game albeit in a far different setting being a more Mediterranean/Pirate kind of game. The graphics are quite pretty and you will sometimes find yourself just enjoying the scenery, the lack of magic in the game is disappointing though as it feels like it takes away from the traditional RPG system, instead you use Voodoo which is a strange concept and I felt wasn't really implemented very well. There were occasional graphical glitches as there were in the first game and the story feels like it loses its way at some points but overall it is a good game and it is a shame there are not more titles out there that are of a similar quality or concept


Excellent reboot of a classic franchise

RaidenHayabusa | Dec. 12, 2012 | Review of Avernum Escape From The Pit - PC

Back in the 1990's Spiderweb Software created a little known PC RPG gem called Exile: Escape from the Pit. Several great sequels followed in the coming years before being recreated with a new graphics engine but the same solid gameplay, this game was known as Avernum. What we have before us is a second re-imagining of the original game which is reflected in the title of the game. The gameplay is very good, the story original and interesting with multiple endings, the graphics have been improved again, not on level with any big budget title you would see today but a great effort for a tiny studio. It is an excellent game and you will get your money's worth for certain, there is a lot of content to explore and you will find yourself wanting to play the sequels of the original games to see what happens next


Worms 267

RaidenHayabusa | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Worms Crazy Gold - PC

Team 17 seem to be cranking out nothing but sub-par worms games year after year, the concept is strange but original. The gameplay loses its appeal quite quickly and you'll soon be wondering why you bought it. I guess it could be fun for the casual gamer but for a hardcore worms fan you would much rather have preferred a new worms game following the more traditional convention


More of the same, but this is a good thing

RaidenHayabusa | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Kings Bounty Warriors of the North - PC

The King's Bounty series has been the best example of a Heroes of Might and Magic type of game in recent years, each new offering has offered something different and entertaining and this is no exception. As stated by DukePaul this game is more of a stand alone expansion than a full game, but still provides a solid gameplay experience which will keep you entertained for many hours. Currently it is 50% off and I would very much recommend you take the opportunity to pick it up as it is very good value for what you pay for


One word.....GLITCHY!

RaidenHayabusa | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Disciples III Renaissance - PC

This game falls so far short of the first two disciples games it is embarrassing. The glitches make playing through the campaign almost impossible in the later campaign missions, I lost count of the amount of times the game crashed to desktop after only 3 or 4 battles, finishing this game was the single most frustrating gaming experience I have ever had! The story is vague, uninteresting and the ending to each of the campaigns feels like it was cobbled together at the last minute. Disciples fans will be very disappointed with the new direction the series has taken with this title and I would strongly advise you stay away!


Not a true DiRT title

RaidenHayabusa | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Dirt Showdown - PC

This game was truly nothing but a disappointment, the graphics are fantastic (as you expect with any Codemasters racing title) but that is the only upside. I found the gameplay to be very uninteresting and boring, the lack of a speedometer I felt really took away from the game. The "new" game modes were all very dull and there are none that stand out as being even half decent. The game is very frustrating at the best of times, the game itself gets very repetitive rather quickly, the career mode is the worst the series has produced and is just an endless series of crappy events. If you want to play a pretty looking, car destroying kind of game then I would highly recommend the FlatOut series (although not FlatOut 3 that game is worse than this one!) Wait for DiRT 4 because this game leaves you disappointed on every possible level


Quite average

RaidenHayabusa | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of SBK 12 Generations - PC

What started out as a potentially pretty exciting concept is delivered in a bland and boring manner, the graphics are nothing exciting and considering that this is 2012 one could say that you would expect better quality graphics, there is little to no improvement on previous titles in the series in terms of gameplay or visual enhancements. It is hard to recommend this game even to SBK fans, there aren't really any alternatives but there are far better racing games out there, save yourself the money and leave this one until it is ridiculously cheap