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Pure horror. Great!

RainbowBunchie | April 9, 2012 | Review of BioShock - PC

So, you see, I watch many horror movies and I play violent games. But BioShock was intense. It scared the hell out of me, and it doesn't do that with simple monsters or lots of gore. BioShock does his job cleverly. While you explore Rapture, the underwater city BioShock takes place in, and while you gather items like chips, chocolate bars (to refill your health bar), wrenches, pistols and rifles (to fight the foes) and other useful gadgets you'll need on your travel, BioShock scares you not only with ugly, brutal and bizarre enemies, but with elements like light, sound and music. You'll soon experience yourself being afraid of every dropping sound, of every flickering light, of every spark coming from a defect lamp. Even though the engine of BioShock might be rather old, the developers still created astonishing environments with diverse styles and hidden surprises to find which at the same time look very real and detailed. The main gameplay part the player can control is the fights against the crazy and somehow undead foes of Rapture, and those are made in a really immerse manner. You have to control your primary weapon at the same time as your genetical powers you get through consuming "Adam". BioShock's shootouts aren't dull run-and-gun. If you don't trick your enemies cleverly, dodge their shots and aim fast and good, you soon will be the same as everything in Rapture is. Undead. Trapped. Damned.


BLASTING! Thy quest shall be remembered!

RainbowBunchie | March 18, 2012 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 2 - PC

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one hell of a RPG! The main campaign is suspenseful and interesting until the end, involving many deep and unique characters and difficult decisions changing the game's flow. The secondary quests add dozens if not hundreds of hours of gameplay to the main game, making it worth every penny. Some of them may seem dull and repetitive, but most are unique and challenging. While you complete quests, fight foes and mix potions, you gain experience which levels you up thus allowing you to upgrade your skills. Graphics aren't amazing, but for an open-world game it looks fantastic and alive, having very different zones from sunny fields to dark forests, from high mountains to frozen sea, all of it filled with hundreds of different animals, plants and other bipedal species. The AI is sometimes confused when running against walls and not reacting to you, but these and other bugs are rather rare in relation to the size and complexity of the game world. The item diversity is just outstanding. For weapons and armor, there are several parts and types, each of which can be enchanted and upgraded. There are hundreds of scrolls, books and recipes, ingredients for potions and dozens of meals you can cook. You can interact with nearly everybody and everything in Skyrim, including talking to people, reading, enchanting, cooking, lockpicking, crafting, smithing, fighting, shooting and lots more. In conclusion, Skyrim is a great RPG with easy to learn controls, lots of possibilities and endless secrets to discover.


Trine. Platforming + Physics.

RainbowBunchie | March 16, 2012 | Review of Trine - PC

I think Trine was a playground for Frozenbyte. They story is dull and simple, the characters are actually just bits and bytes, you can't develop any emotional relation to them. But this playground is fun. The physics are accurate and whilst the puzzles aren't very challenging and the enemies aren't very intelligent, it's still great fun to swing around with the archer, do some wizardry with the wizard (pun, eh?) like creating crates and planks, killing enemies by throwing objects at them or just going brute force with the knight. The co-op part isn't outstanding either, it's just the regular levels played with more people so you can't switch characters anymore like you do in singleplayer. I wouldn't recommend it for its full price - if you see Trine in a bundle or on sale, it might be worth a try for fans of platformers and puzzle games.


Atmospheric stealth

RainbowBunchie | March 4, 2012 | Review of Velvet Assassin - PC

Finally some new stealth action! Sort of... I was really looking forward to this adventure made in Germany. Replay Studios score with authentic setting, great art direction and mature presentation without the typical Nazi-cliché. However, the gameplay mechanics are more like inspired by other games than brand new. This may work in its favor; sneaking through dark catacombs like Garrett in Thief: Dark Project pulling secret levers and hiding corpses. It seems like Splinter Cell when sniping or luring enemies with shots into nowhere. Sometimes it's even comparable to Resident Evil 4 upon finding items in lockers (for example) and then having them come up as 3D objects in your inventory. The sneaking mechanics are way too conservative: no acrobatics, no shadow transitions, no lightbulb-shooting. The mission design leads you into trial & error passages. and because Violette never really develops a unique character. In the last third of the game all these issues occur at once! That's why it could be considered bad. But in the dozens of hours I played, I always continued and ignored these flaws because I always saw the quality twinkling and showing me why I bought the game. Everyone waiting for Garrett or Sam Fisher to return as we love them should try this game.


Pretty decent but lacking variety

RainbowBunchie | March 4, 2012 | Review of Sanctum - PC

I was kind of surprised when I first played the game. I thought it was one of the usual Tower-Defense games you get tired of after a few minutes. But Sanctum surprised me in a good way at first. The graphical style is fresh and lively, the graphics pretty decent for an indie game, in many aspects as good as a "professional" game. The gameplay is interesting at first, involving the different phases of building and shooting. The shooting phase was fairly innovative as it combined the traditional strategy part with the ability to actively influence the ending of the match. The bad part about the gameplay is that it becomes somewhat dull after the first hours. The amount of maps to play on is rather low and what makes it even worse is the lack of variety among the maps. All of them have the same meshes which are used for every architecture and there's only one type of vegetation. The enemies you fight in Sanctum might look strange and really extraterrestrial, but they're lacking diversity as much as architecture and vegetation do. There's only like a handful of different kinds and most of them can be defeated the same way, making the differences the game claims they had rather unimportant. Sanctum is for you if you are interested in the Co-op part, but not if you're looking for a game worth spending many hours on.