Reviews by Raoin



Raoin | Nov. 11, 2012 | Review of The Journey Down Chapter One - PC

A pretty well done adventure game. The Journey Down has a really interesting aesthetic wich is totally envolving and unique. The voice acting is really really good and in my opnion fits perfectly with each character. The puzzles are well designed and doesn't make a fool of the players. Loved this game from the first cutscene on. Can't wait for the other chapters. I'd recommend it if you like adventures!



Raoin | Oct. 22, 2012 | Review of To The Moon - PC

Simple but remarkably deep. I must admit I consider To The Moon one of the best games I've ever played. Even it being limited in gameplay terms and basically linear, I really enjoyed the way that the plot goes on. It's like a movie, an emotional one. In fact, To The Moon is rather an interactive story than other thing. So if you like this kind of game, check it out, I'm pretty sure you'll have no regret.


Old but gold!

Raoin | Sept. 4, 2012 | Review of Commandos 3 Destination Berlin - PC

I know Commandos is kinda old, but to be honest, I played it for the first time months ago. It's not my type of game, but I found it really interesting. Basically, you have a team, which each member has unique skills, and you have to act strategically to complete missions. I think the game mechanics is satisfatory and justified on its release date.


I don't always drive a taxi, but when I do, it's crazy.

Raoin | Sept. 3, 2012 | Review of Crazy Taxi - PC

I lost the count of hours I spent playing Crazy Taxi on my old Dreamcast. I'm not a fan of racing games, but I found this one really interesting. The game itself is quite simple. Yet, the game is still fun because it works like it purposes to - you know, just be a crazy taxi driver! You drives through the city and have to transport passengers to randomly locations while the time runs out. Definitely, Crazy Taxi deserves a try. I highly recommend it.


QTEs at its best.

Raoin | Sept. 3, 2012 | Review of Ninja Blade - PC

To be fair, Ninja Blade brings no innovation. In the core it's really similar to other hack'n'slash games we know. Yet, Ninja Blade is notably interesting since it's a game of a rare genre on PC plataform. I'd say the game itself is good. It's fun and has it's moments - some really unnecessary ones, like some QTEs. But the veredict is that Ninja Blade is more of the same with a new thematic and a brand new plot. I do believe some people can love it, and I also know some people can't. In my opinion, though, it's just like "okay".


Bloody hell!

Raoin | Sept. 3, 2012 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

When I discovered Killing Floor I thought it was a rip-off version of one of the tons of zombie games that already exist. I was deeply wrong. Killing floor is really awesome and unique. The system of perks is totally satisfatory and, indeed, quite challenging to level up. The gameplay itself it really fun; it's pure team work. Also, the difficulty system is quite well designed; really improves the challenge and forces the players to change its strategy. Finally, about the developers: they are dedicated and keep the game with new updates and DLCs (character packs mostly). The veredict is that Killing Floor, definitely, worth it. What are you waiting for? Try it now!


More of the same does not means the same of the mostly.

Raoin | Sept. 3, 2012 | Review of Trapped Dead - PC

As a gamer-hipster I must say I loved Trapped Dead. I found the idea of making a zombie game where strategy has more value than action, quite brilliant. Also, I found satisfatory the gameplay system; just guess it should have a bit more of velocity. Anyway, for an "underground game", it's still worth it, imo. I do not reccomend this one for any gamer, though. It's a different approach of a highly explored thematic. So if you wanna try, the risk is all yours!


Could be better, imo.

Raoin | Sept. 3, 2012 | Review of The Void - PC

To be honest, I didn't like The Void. When I discovered the game I became really excited because of its thematic. But when I played it, my expectations kinda turned on deception. Actually, it happened mostly because of the gameplay. I was hoping for point and click mechanics instead of insatisfatory FPS ones. Yet, I cannot deny the game itself is pure art. And this is the justification of my rating. I keep playing it for its beauty concept and theme, but it is still insatisfatory to me in terms of gameplay. Maybe you should try it.


VVVVVVs, VVVVVVs everywhere

Raoin | Aug. 31, 2012 | Review of VVVVVV - PC

VVVVVV has an interesting retro approach. The game is kinda simple, but brings back the difficulty of the classic old titles. The gameplay itself is made of two movement keys (left and right) and a key to change the gravity settings. Yet the game is still very fun and hard. Trust me, it's hard. Die in VVVVVV is very easy. Avoid the death, though, requires a bit of reflex and persistence. If you like challenging retro games, VVVVVV is totally worth it.


The space is really dangerous with music!

Raoin | Aug. 22, 2012 | Review of Beat Hazard - PC

Beat Hazard is an outstanding 2D shooter. The gameplay driven by music revives the old space shooters genre; further, the mechanic makes the replayability totally worth it. When I first saw the game, I thought that was really simple a really simples space shooter with a music driven mechanic attached to it. After I bought it and played it, I realized how interesting it really was. The modes, the bosses, the perks, the multiplayer and other features instantly made me love it. Also, the DLC, Ultra, gives good improves to the game adding new features and making it more fun. I highly recommend Beat Hazard. Even because, in this case, the beat just stops when you want to.



Raoin | Aug. 12, 2012 | Review of Dear Esther - PC

I would say Dear Esther is rather an interactive experience than a game properly. Most of the gameplay is to explore an abandoned island as a lone survivor, and listen his story. It may sound rustic and boring, but it isn't. Dear Esther uses a randomized system of sounds and little events what makes a slight difference for the gameplay. Further, Dear Esther plays with subjectivity, engaging different players by awaken them different feelings during the gameplay. The game itself isn't long, but has a replay valor, since every walkthrough can be quite unique.


Just digging!

Raoin | Aug. 7, 2012 | Review of Dwarfs - PC

I must confess Dwarfs?! really impressed me. I discovered the game recently, a bit after I've bought Delve Deeper. I was expecting both the games to be similar, but I was wrong. I'd say Dwarfs?! is pretty much a RTS game about digging. Instead of handling the dwarfs during turns of digging, fighting and exploring (what happens in Delve Deeper), Dwarfs?! makes the player deals with this kind of things all together and in real time. In the begining, things can be a lot easy and slow, but as soon as you begin to dig the game gets more strategic and caotic. If you like dwarfs and want a challenging game about the theme, I'd highly reccomend Dwarfs?! It's totally worth it.



Raoin | Aug. 3, 2012 | Review of Duke Nukem Forever - PC

Duke Nukem forever is far from successful as a shooter or as a franchise game. The storyline has its moments, but do not really engages the player at all; further it don't even encourages a replay experience. The gameplay is just awkward for a shooter. If you don't have a bit of persistence and patience the awful gameplay made the game painful. I'd not reccomend Duke Nukem Forever.