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Fantastic 'real world' RTS

Ratherbegliding | May 18, 2013 | Review of Wargame European Escalation - PC

Why this game is brilliant: - applies real world tactics and concepts accurately eg line of site, time spent in recon is seldom wasted, use of artillery to 'prep' an area, etc - the graphics are excellent - you really feel the pressure when the sh** hits the fan - units are real world, not some dreamt up sci-fi approximation - the game deals with a part of history which is neglected by the gaming world - if you like traditional hex-based wargames, this is a perfect introduction to the RTS genre - no resource collecting or building. It's all about the tactical picture and logistics. Installed seamlessly and performance is rock solid on my i7 laptop. Now discounted following the release of its sequel Wargame: Air Land Battle (which I'm itching to try!) Would suit anyone interested in modern military history, modern era battlefield tactics or anyone who's old enough to remember the Cold War! Cheers and enjoy! RBG