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Raw but beautiful!

Raynys | Jan. 27, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line - PC

A breath of fresh air in the genre, engaging in more touching moments, frustrating in others. Spec Ops is a title that everyone should have in their library for a variety of reasons, and one of these is the plot, three teammates thrown into a war set in Dubai, where everything is pretty damn gritty and violent, where you will, a few times to tell the truth, to make small choices that will alter the ending of the story. Graphically it is not bad and can be played even on computers in the media, the sand factor is interesting and would be more interesting if it proves more decisive in some circumstances. Longevity is not high, but, in my yardstick, in the FPS is not important if the story involves until the end, in fact, it leaves your mouth watering for a future after the series, or maybe some DLC. The only sore point are the controls, that at some point in the game, especially towards the agitated end, put a strain on your nervous system. So my advice is to play it, for those who are fans of the genre will not be disappointed.