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Reaper1992 | Aug. 27, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

Gameplay and Mechanics: The gameplay is very good. It's not ground-breaking or amazing but the variety of weapons and powers keep you engaged. It can feel repetitive and there isn't much of a sense of progression. The gears also sometimes seem pointless, and some of the powers are too weak and end up being a waste. The new "Big Daddy's" called "Handymen" are very intense and aggressive, and always offer a good challenge and sense of accomplishment after fighting one. However the shooting sections could have been broken up a bit with perhaps some puzzles. Also, there's not many ways to get guns other than off dead bodies or finding them, You can't buy them. So that forces you to get the best 2 and keep them throughout. 8/10 Graphics and Visuals: The graphics and environments are breath-taking, its truly artistry. I personally found myself stopping and starring. It's a whole new idea and style which sets it apart from other games. They aren't very realistic but that clearly isn't the focus. They're also very immersive and good at setting moods. 10/10 Story and Characters: The story is interesting and at some points complicated, but it all is explained. The ending is what I believe got all the high praise. It's very satisfying and isn't sequel baiting nor setting up DLC. And the characters are brilliant. Especially Elizabeth. She really makes the game what it is, and she never gets in the way. Her AI isn't next-gen but she's full of depth and emotion. However there are no alternative endings or choices to make, things like picking the bird or cage don't matter. 9/10 I think it should be around 84/85, but with the depth of character and outstanding visuals, it almost deserves a 90. It's got good replay value as well. It's easily worth the full retail price! So I urge you to buy this game! It's not something you want to let pass you.