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More of a want than a need

RedTank4 | March 21, 2012 | Review of Total War SHOGUN 2 Rise of the Samurai Campaign - PC

Let me start this review off by saying I love Shogun 2. It's my second favorite of the series and if it wasn't for the lack of total conversion mods it would probably be my favorite. It has everything you'd want in a Total War game. A competent AI, beautiful graphics, a working diplomacy system, samurai, and DLC's that are actually worth looking into (unlike Empire or Napoleon). With that said, this little DLC, priced at under 2 dollars, is something more of a want than a need. It's added eye candy: unnecessary for an already beautiful game, but something a Total War fan can't simply ignore. It adds a sort of old Kurosawa movie feel to the game. We have blood sputtering out a soldiers body like it's a fire hydrant, the blood hitting the screen when you zoom in close on the action, beheadings and limb decapitations. The DLC is balls-to-the-walls amazing dude.


Best Total War game yet

RedTank4 | March 4, 2012 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

Being a fan of the series, I was unfortunately coming in to the game a bit of a skeptic. Total War has been, for years, a constant great showing for the strategy gaming genre. But Empire( the previous major entry to the series - Napoleon is more a stand alone expansion to Empire than a full on new title) has had a lasting sour taste in my mouth that it had, unfortunately, affected my hype for the game going in. Thankfully, however, The Creative Assembly proved once again that they're masters at their craft and that I'm far too pessimistic for my own good. Not only is Shogun 2 the best Total War game so far but it did what its predecessors could not- make multiplayer as fun as single player. Graphically, Shogun 2 is a masterpiece, if your machine can handle it. Details on each individual soldier is the best in the series. And although cloned faces are common, there's enough variety that it's more of a nitpick than an actual complain. The game is very aesthetically pleasing and the effort isn't limited in its little soldiers. The blades of grass, the details on the trees( keep in mind that variety) is nothing short of beautiful. In closing, Shogun 2 Total War is a blast to play for any strategy game lover out there. It's beautiful, It's fun, and with more focus on multiplayer this time around the game's replay value is through the roof.