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Great game!

Reldin | Sept. 9, 2011 | Review of Dead Island - PC

The Steam version had a very rough launch. The multiplayer wasn't working as it should, game saves were being corrupted, oh and not to mention the whole releasing the wrong version of the game. But! Despite these problems, the game is one fantastic experience. Deep Silver is quickly addressing everything that happened and the game is being patched every day. The game does a great job of mixing different elements from familiar games such as Fallout 3/New Vegas, Left 4 Dead, and Dead Rising, all while making an identity of its own. The melee combat is great and rather brutal, the firearm gameplay is done pretty well, and the weapon mods are fun to craft. The game starts off a little slow to give you the feeling of all is not right on the island while trying to help people survive. As you progress further into the game, it suddenly turns into a survival/horror game that leaves you running for your dear life as zombies chase after you. I highly recommend playing through the game alone first as co-op doesn't quite add that survival/horror aspect to the game. But really, pick up the game anyway since this is one game that was done very well!