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A Restrictive Remake of a Classic

Renemesis | Nov. 5, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown Overflow - PC

A great game! But not as good as the original. It feels like it offers less, in a more graphically updated package. The game is good tho! And it can be properly damn challenging if you don't go for the easiest setting! The sad thing is all the DLC's for it.. they offer nothing. And the game already feels lacking on content like weapon selection, armor types, and types of enemies. Sure, there are some of everything, but it becomes a rinse-and-repeat fest pretty quickly, and it's just the same old over and over again to get more resources so you can get more of the same stuff. It's also bugged, and none of the updates fix it. Aliens can spawn in the middle of your group for no bloody reason, which if you play on ironman (only one constant save allowed), that pretty much means that all your work was for nothing, and you just lost all your best units. Great fun. Not.