Reviews by Res


Unique experience

Res | June 12, 2011 | Review of Dark Sector - PC

The story and gameplay was dashingly thrilling and my favorite thing about it was the blade you were able to use. You could control the blade with the aim of your mouse and use it to kill your enemies in a dynamic and challenging way. The story points of the game were weak and the graphical quality was great. Overall it was an experience not to be missed for the price its at.


Highly Underrated Game

Res | June 12, 2011 | Review of Conflict Denied Ops - PC

The game is bad with some points like its very glitchy and whatnot but overall its a very fun experience. I reccomend highly Buying this game on the current sale. as i was mesmorised with alot of this game. Sure some parts may make you wanna throw the disc in a fire but once you beat the game youll keep asking for more. This game is not for everyone but it is an amazing experience.


Masterpiece of a game.

Res | June 12, 2011 | Review of Borderlands - PC

Very humerous game with many suprises along the way. The gameplay and story are absolutely Amazing. It is an experience that will blow you away. My only dislike is the Cel-shaded graphics but thats it!


your better off with free MMO's

Res | June 10, 2011 | Review of CrimeCraft Bleedout - PC

This game gets boring right off the start with extremely Repetative and unfun gameplay. one hour i got bored of it. Its decent in the start but gets progessively worse while you play it. It had potential. not worth buying. Considering you can also get this for free on Crimecrafts site!


Beautiful piece of art.

Res | June 9, 2011 | Review of Sanctum - PC

This game to me was personally a masterpiece. every little thing about it was just beautiful. I was amazed on the first wave having this gigantic enemy horde come in and watching my turrets blow them down. it was Orgasmic.


had such potential.

Res | June 9, 2011 | Review of Far Cry 2 - PC

I bought this game a while back on retail and quite sadly it was a bit of a dissapointment. The combat got quite repetative and the story was Meh. one major thing that made me mad was that it had nothing to do with the first game at all. It was decent but not that good. I reccomend it for a cheap price. like $15. Decent game but not that good.