Reviews by RicBac


Like The Walking Dead but different (Episode 1)

RicBac | Oct. 18, 2013 | Review of The Wolf Among Us - PC

The first thing you can't help but do is compare it to The Walking Dead. Well They have alot in common. Graphics and gameplay is almost identical and of course the story is tailored by your choices-thing. The first episode has an epic story that has you coming back for more. A good pace in gameplay, with action, conversations and some point-and-click. The story's foundation is like the tv-series "once upon a time" but on crack. With characters from fables in the real world. It's done in a really cool way. If the rest of the episodes are as good as the first, then this will truly be an epic game!


Well worth the money and time!

RicBac | Oct. 18, 2013 | Review of Of Orcs and Men - PC

It's a nice change to be playing an orc and a goblin. And if that wasn't enough, they are really cool characters. This is one of the upsides with the game - the characters. The dialogues are a bit different from what you usually get in a fantasy style game. It's more of "real" with a lot of swearing, something you would find in a game like GTA. The story, characters, graphics are all really good. So the bad stuff? Well the gameplay is a bit repetitive, but it's not bad enough to not play the game.


Just use Tunngle for multiplayer and Bob's your uncle!

RicBac | Sept. 20, 2013 | Review of Renegade Ops Collection - PC

This is a arcade action shooter with, with alot of it. Graphics are nice a the controlls works really well. It has a 4 player co-op mode that is totally broken but! If you use TUNNGLE FOR MULTIPLAYER you will have alot of fun hours with your friends. Good game with alot of fun!


Nice one!

RicBac | Sept. 20, 2013 | Review of Brothers A tale of Two Sons - PC

Platform puzzle would be a generic description of this game, with a simple story but with alot of feelings. The controll is interesting as you controll both characters at the same time. This is the challenge. 'The puzzles are fairly easy. The games strongest part is the atmosphere of the different areas. This helps alot when making the story feel deeper. This is a really nice game that will get your emotions going. Downside is that it is only for three hours.


Sad but needed.

RicBac | Aug. 23, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 Premium Pack - PC

When Battlefield 1942 came out it a tons of maps and content from the start. Battlefield 3 didn't. When you played the original Battlefield 3, you feel like there is something missing. And the premium service fills that up quite good. But you have to pay what you paid for the game itself. And that's just the shitty model EA has these Days. Release an unfished game and make the players pay for content that should have been there from the start. At least most of it. So is it Worth it. Yes and no. It's alot of Money for not so much content, but you need the content to make the game complete. If you like Battlefield 3 and have't bought the expantions, do it. At least half of it is great.


Nice western shooter

RicBac | Aug. 23, 2013 | Review of Call of Juarez Bound in Blood - PC

There aren't that many good western games, so is this one of the few good ones. Yes, no doubt. You play as two out of three brothers. The story starts in the civil war and then moves along to touch everything from indians to Mexico. Graphics are good and the guns have a nice feel to them. So if you like the old west and fps-action. This is the game for you. And when you are done, you can go pick up Call of Juarez - Gunslinger! Yeehaw!


Nice sequel.

RicBac | Aug. 23, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

I loved Arkham Asylum and I love Arkham City even more. The area in which the game is played is now alot bigger than in Arkham Asylum. The controlls are a bit smoother, the graphic and atmosphere a bit better and you have some more gadgets to play around with. And you also get to play as catwoman in a story that happens side by side with batmans. So any bad stuff? No not really. If you liked the first one you are going to like this one. Mark Hamill is excellent in this one as well. So grab it!


Another small disapointment

RicBac | Aug. 23, 2013 | Review of Stacking - PC

Tim Schafer has once again made me a bit disapointed. The feel is there and the graphics and humor is good. But there is something missing that I just can't figure out what it is. The Cave - Another game by Tim was the same thing. Very likeable, but then again not. Well Stacking is a cool puzzle game ide with the dolls. And some puzzles are nice. But there is something that just doesn't make me start the game up after a couple of hours playtime. Such a pity.


Great action adventure

RicBac | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

Only played a little of the older Tomb Raider games, so this review is for you guys that haven't played them. In my experience with the other Tomb Raider games are that they are puzzlle action adventure. Well this one is almost no puzzle and alot of action adventure. The balance is somewhat like Max Payne 3. There are some puzzle moments in hidden tombs that are short and will grant you with a skill point, all optional. The environment and atmosphere is great! Nice graphics and really nice controls. All though I never learn to aim with a gamepad, the game should be played using one. So if you want an action game with nice story and atmosphere, this is a great game for you!


Mark my Hamill!

RicBac | Aug. 12, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

This game was recommended to me, so I picked it up when it was on sale. At first I didn't actually enjoy it. But when I picked it up the second time I was hooked. Graphics are nice, arcade action are nice, the creepy atmosphere is nice, and the voice acting is brilliant, especially "Mark Hamill" as "the Joker". For all you Batman fans and arcade/adventure with a bit of creepy atmosphere there is no point in not buying this. The only small downside is that the game is only in a small area with not much different environments. But it's still cool.


Not even close to Portal

RicBac | Aug. 12, 2013 | Review of Quantum Conundrum - PC

This is i puzzler fps like Portal. But the similarities ends there. Sure there is a tiny bit of humor a some puzzles are entertaining. The thing that doesn't quite make it for me is the atmosphere. It's just dull. And the story isn't that exciting either. If ypu are looking for another Portal then you will probably be disappointed. If you are looking for a fps-puzzler and it's on sale, then give it a try.


Feels old

RicBac | Aug. 11, 2013 | Review of Ninja Blade - PC

This game feels like it's a port from PlayStation 2. The gameplay is ok. But the feeling of the game is budget or old. The game could have some potential, but falls a bit to fast. Can't recommend this game though.


Nice but not awesome!

RicBac | Aug. 11, 2013 | Review of The Showdown Effect - PC

Just like many smaller server based games, this games falls on having too few servers with descent ping. So this basically makes the game hard to even start up. But if you manage to find a working server then you are in for some gameplay "Soldat style". The thing is though, this is a fast game, and if you don't practice you will get owned. So...nice graphics, fun but fast/hard gameplay, superb humor. That is if you find a good server, it's not impossible.


One of the great!

RicBac | Aug. 11, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

This is going to be a classic. It's been a long time since I played a game that got me amazed by the atmosphere and feeling of the game. It's not the fighting that's fun in this game it's everything else. The fighting is ok but not amazing. You can't get away comparing this game to half life 2. You will care for the characters (the girl) just like in half life 2. The story keeps you coming back for more to see how it ends. Can't recommend this game enough!!!


Fun and nostalgic

RicBac | July 11, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown Overflow - PC

This is a really fun and nostalgic game for those who play the original. The graphics are nice with a couple of camera bugs in action replays. The only bad thing about the game is it gets a bit repetative and the surroundings look to much alike each other, especally the crashed ufo sites. Other than that fun turn based strategy game for your alien killing needs.


Nice one!

RicBac | July 7, 2013 | Review of Puzzle Agent 2 - PC

The puzzles aren't as fun or hard as in the first Puzzle Agent and are bit recycled through out the game. But the lovely atmosphere of Scoggins is there and the characters and story is too. If the story and atmosphere is first priority and puzzles second, I can only recomend it.


A nice step away from "Bound in blood"

RicBac | July 3, 2013 | Review of Call of Juarez Gunslinger Steam - PC

I had only played "bound in blood" and hadn't check this one out before II bought it. To my surprise, it was a nice upgrade from the previous game. New fresh graphic style and skill trees to fill with xp-points. Graphic styles and skill tree is for me very similar to Borderlands 2. Which is a good thing. The gameplay is simple action and no roleplay, a good thing to if that's what you want. The wild west genre isn't packed with good titles but this is one of the better ones.