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Deadliest Warrior TV Show transformed to PC Gaming

RichardDiaz2005 | Nov. 29, 2013 | Review of Chivalry Deadliest Warrior - PC

I'm a big fan of the Deadliest Warriors TV show, so I was pretty excited to see this featured as an expansion pack to the very popular First-Person Slasher: Medieval Warfare. This expansion only included some of the deadliest warriors known for their melee fighting styles: Samurais, Spartans, Vikings, Knights, Ninjas, and Pirates. This expansion pack allows gamers to fight their opponents in many game types such as: Free-For-All (every man for himself, regardless of the class), Team Deathmatch (class versus class; i.e. Spartans vs Pirates), and my favorite Multi-Team Deathmatch (team up with the same class versus the other classes). The only downside to this expansion is that it takes awhile to unlock items. Being that this expansion only includes melee fighting styles, It would be great if Torn Banner later creates an expansion pack that features modern warfare fighting styles.