Reviews by Rochard


Ho-ly-fu-... yeah, this game rocks!

Rochard | Jan. 19, 2013 | Review of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition - PC

I played this back when it was released and I remember watching the very first trailer and saying to myself "Right I'm gonna play this and I want as little media coverage as possible". So when I finally got the game in my hands and put in the disc I was... surprised to say the least. This highly realistic story based shooter had turned into a cell-shaded RPG-shooter driven by XP, humour, hatred for Claptrap and the amount of lead you could precisly place in the skulls of your enemies. Even if you didn't play this and went straight to Borderlands 2 there's no reason to miss out on this. Especially with all the DLCs included. There's a metric crap ton to see in Borderlands 1 and not enough changed to Borderlands 2 to make 1 feel out-dated or strange compared to 2. Play this game, NOW!


Short but engaging story

Rochard | Jan. 19, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line - PC

I wasn't sure what to expect from this game other than yet another shooter but I was very pleasently surprised. I highly recommend not spoiling the game in any way shape or form. Just play it from the start and do so at a higher difficulty and let the game grow on you and be let the story be told. Graphics are on par with current standards, audio is a bit meh but considering you'll be hearing nothing but RA-TA-TA-TA-TA from all the guns blazing it's not that big of a deal. The slow-motion mechanic when you get a headshot is incredibly annoying as it lasts for about a second and won't really do much for gameplay other than slow it down.


Brings back memories

Rochard | Jan. 19, 2013 | Review of Death Rally - PC

I remember playing the original game at a friends house getting my ass handed to me by his older brother who tried to explain to me how I had to balance new upgrades and gathering enough cash in the lower leagues to make sure I could afford new tires etc when upgrading my car. Oh, boy the memories! The game runs great and feels great. It's a REAL nostalgia game and I'm not sure how it will sit with players completely new to Death Rally but as the game has an arcade feel to it, it's easy to drop in and drop out. This new version has a lot more freedom than the old one which makes the race kind of scattered from time to time but it's up to you whether you want to blow your opponents to bits or win by speed and agility.


Hack and slash, with style

Rochard | Jan. 19, 2013 | Review of Chivalry - PC

Being so focused on multiplayer you really need to be prepared to get your head chopped off, your torso slashed and your... well you get the point. It takes a while to get into the game and it's actually surprisingly advanced for being such a basic medieval first-person-slasher. Graphics are on par with todays standards, audio is sufficient and the game seems to have been properly optimized as it runs smoothly even on older computers. A few bugs are still present in the game but patches are constantly being delivered by the publishers and developers.


Leaves a lot to be desired

Rochard | Dec. 10, 2012 | Review of Dead Island - PC

The first trailer for this game was so incredibly amazing I just had to have this game and I didn't want any media exposure at all before I could get my hands on it. I'll list the issues I have with the game below: *The island is big but not big enough to have vehicles. Adding them just made the island feel oddly scaled. *The weapon system is flawed and not very exciting at all. I found myself dying more because I tried getting the damn wheel-system to equip the right weapon than anything else. *Side-quests are not very different from main quests and they're all tedious and feel rather useless. *Talent trees are NEVER a good idea because there will always be cookie-cutter-builds and anything else will make you less powerful than if you'd gone with the "right one". Saying that, I still enjoyed the game to some degree thanks to the co-op feature. Knowing what I know now I would take a good look at game play videos before buying it.