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Decent, worth a go when on sale

Roggo | March 4, 2014 | Review of Mars War Logs - PC

Mars:War Logs is a reasonably unique entry to the 3rd person action genre. The story is a bit cheesy at times and the acting is somewhat hammy, but it pulled me along enough to finish the game, even if I wasn't rushing back to start a new game. Combat is different to most action games, you rely heavily on melee weaponry, with only 1 ranged weapon (not including bombs/powers). This is executed well, although it can take some getting used to; you are much weaker than most enemies for the early part of the game and need to practice dodging and parrying to gain an advantage. It can be quite brutal at first so it's not recommended for those who prefer to mash buttons to kill everything in sight! You gain access to technomancer powers partway through the game, which opens up a new side of the game and makes it a lot more fun. Your powers and abilities can be freely chosen among the combat, stealth, and technomancer trees. This lets you build in the way that suits your play style. The RPG elements are not as strong as other games but do give you the ability to tailor your character as you see fit. Overall it's a not half bad game, if you like the post-industrial Mars vibe (think Red faction-ish) you may get a kick out of the game. It feels a lot like an 80's sci-fi flick at times, and that's not a bad thing in my opinion! Probably worth waiting for a sale unless you are confident you'll like it!