Reviews by Rollon


Cool game

Rollon | Dec. 10, 2012 | Review of Iron Front Liberation 1944 - PC

This is the best WWII simulator/game i've tried. It's based on the Arma 2 engine and you can really tell when you play. Bugs that exists in the arma 2 engine exists in this aswell Put that aside this is a really fun game if your into WWII. The downside for this game at the moment seems that there isn't allot of action the servers. Could just be me not finding the good ones. Great game overall.


Better than Farming simulator 2011

Rollon | Dec. 10, 2012 | Review of Farming Simulator 2013 - PC

This game i allot like the 2011 version but refined. New vehicles to drive. But to be honest, i don't really care much for the vehicles that comes with this game, it's the mod community created vehicles that makes this a fun game to play. They have improved the ai since 2011 version and that is very welcome update, The old ai could leave large pieces they didn't plow etc. Now im just waiting for the good mods to come out and im sure i'll enjoy it alot.