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Great Game Great Price

RookieVII | April 30, 2013 | Review of Metro 2033 (1) - PC

I purchased this game a few months back when steam was having a sale. Having not heard anything of this game I was skeptical of purchasing it. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase it anyway, it wasn't worth much so why not? I was surprised to see how good of a game it really was. The story was original, I haven't seen anything that comes to it. It had a few surprises along the way for the protagonist ranging from simple mutants to psychological entities to simple bandits. It is not all run and shoot this then rinse and repeat. Along the way there will be times where if you prefer, you can go stealthy and use silent weapons to take down your enemies, such as throwing knifes and silent pistols. Although the rest of my review is mainly pros for this game it is not without flaws. As mentioned above you can be a stealth killer, but there are not very many instances where stealth is a viable option. Even when you do find a spot for stealth if you throw a throwing dagger and miss or it hits a enemies armor, every enemy in the area will somehow know your exact position. There is not a very big margin of error if you wish to proceed silently in those areas. Story is at times hard to follow, or was for me at least, but I was able to slowly understand as I adventured deeper into Moscow's subway. Despite these flaws and a few others I still believe this game is worth the price it is now, and with the sequel around the corner. I think it is a perfect time to buy.