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Eager to play, but regret buying it

Rotinaj56 | May 24, 2014 | Review of Dear Esther Steam - PC

I read the description and thought it could be a great game. I knew there wouldn't be much to it, except poking around an island listening to what happened to this mysterious 'Esther'. Hoping for a plot that meant something, and ultimately blew my mind. Unfortunately I was wrong. I was consumed by the graphics and the narrators voice, just hoping it had more to it. The walking pace was dreadfully slow, there wasn't much of anything to the actual game itself except the graphics. It could have just been my expectations, but reading so many reviews on how terrible others thought it was, I realize that this really was just an awful game. If it's free, I would recommend getting this. But if it's not, I wouldn't recommend wasting your money. The graphics are not worth seven bucks.