Reviews by Roydo


10/10 On Same Level As Walking Dead

Roydo | Nov. 29, 2014 | Review of Tales from the Borderlands - PC

I was never really hyped or kept track of this game, but i always loved telltale games and borderlands so i was like hey why not? As i played the game i kid you not i was hooked intantly by how this game puts you into the world of borderlands. First off this game is all about business ethics and etc and the game is non stop fun and hilarious with an amazingly well done 2 character story part that has different choices between the two characters SWEET! the game has the most personality ive seen in a while. Usually telltale games are kinda stiff gameplay BUT NO this is a great example of how telltale can make action not just drama, there is always action NO dull moments which is very surprising because to be honest in walking dead and wolf among us there were parts that dragged on but hey this was only episode 1, bt if they keep it consistent then best game ever. This game caught me by surprise and its awesome Buy It Now!


WB Doing It Right!

Roydo | Dec. 3, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

under some new people this game stayed true to the franchise, like they said "we are standing on the shoulders of giants" and they did not mess up. They kept the story very interesting and told the origins very well for batman and the villains. there are surprises and many side missions to do after finished. This game graphically was nice but simple compared to arkham city it comes in second but was better than asylum imo. The boss battles for this game were very well done! and all the characters had there defined personality. though they changed voice actors both batman and joker proved to voice them very well, with batmans serious attitude to jokers more playful and childish side. the combat is the same but with tweaks that will make you happy, what i like mostly was emphasis on the story origin. this game had gorgeous cutscenes and awesome scenery plus the map is huger than arkham city. Con: you only get to fight about 4-5 assassins out of the prossibled 8 in the story, the others are side missions which was a disappointment. there are side missions but they go by very quick. the only thing after then to keep you hooked are the riddler items scattered all over the map other than that just wait for some dlc. plus the multiplayer sucks imo i saw what they were going for but it just did not work out from one sided battles to batman and robin taking grenades and bullets to the face with out being phased. the multiplayer needs a lot of work and feels like they did not put too much thought into it


One Of The Better Assassins Creed Games

Roydo | Dec. 3, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed IV Black Flag NCSA - PC

IMO, this game was fantastic! it was super enjoyable. the characters are not boring especially edward kenway, the story was decent in the animus but out of the animus they made the story much more interesting. there is so much to do in this game comapred to other games with ship battles, whaling, contracts, ship boarding, self upgrades, 4 separate main side missions, hunting, ship upgrades, and awesomely hard ship boss battles. this game will keep you hooked on it till you have all the upgrades and tools to finish the game 100% it almost made me want to 100%. plus its gorgeous! the attention to detailed is to be admired with beautiful seas, battles, and environment. plus the map is enormous! from forests to seas underwater to busy towns there is always something to do! the characters and progression hit you hard and imo made me feel for some of the characters by the end. They stay true to character which i love and overall my favorite assassins creed game since brotherhood. this game definitely gets 2nd on my list behind brotherhood. Con: with all assassins creed games of course there are glitches some annoying and some hilarious! plus the story seems rushed if you dont do things on the side, when i did it the story was fine. Multiplayer is still fun but imo still sucks with the usual spam of abilities by high levels and uneven level matching, and imo not much effort to change the multiplayer for the better.


Batman Now And Forever!

Roydo | Sept. 12, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

This game hands down just made arkham asylum much better and if anything more popular because of how open world it is! This is a game of the year and and it deserves it! with all the gadgets and tactics makes this game extremely replayable!. The story is freakin great! and so are the characters! The main factor that made this game was the variety of villains! So many villains you can take care of whenever you want to, so if your bored with one you can go take down another! Great Ending and i only have high hopes for batman origins! Get this game and the previous game to get in on the soon hype that is batman origins! plus u dont really have to play the first one in my opinion but it is always nice!


Beginning of something great!

Roydo | Sept. 11, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

now we all know that comic books and games together dont normally hit the mainstream, but this game set the bar! Batman is all around a great comic book character! he is loved by many and is heard of by all. At first you think this game would end up like those movie games that come out and are utter shyt. No, its beyond good its fantastic. Its so great that many other games after it have taken maneuvers from this game like the combat system and the stealth. If anything batman helped hype up the start of stealth based games. This game has a great character feel and is also beautiful! and it has the most loved villain when it comes to comic books, the joker! and the roll is fleshed out very nicely! If you want a stealth game that has many different ways to stun,surprise, or defeat an opponent with great hand to hand combat then pick this game up!


Dead Space Pack, It And RUN!

Roydo | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Ultimate Dead Space Pack NA - PC

The pack includes everything that is dead space! i highly recommend the franchise because of its great story! in most of my reviews i make, its all about the story! and if you can keep up with the story from 1 to 3 you will poop your pants of how well it all connects! the most scary game of the 3 is the first one of course and i would say 2 and 3 are story driven, especially number 3 with that great ending! all the games are beautiful! and somewhat scary but not horrifying most are jump scares. What is great too are all the guns! pick your 2 favorite guns and your set, many different ways to kill. Dead Space 4 will indeed happen so get in on the hype before it even starts or just enjoy a great and eye popping experience from the universe that is dead space!


One of the best stories i have ever experienced!

Roydo | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Binary Domain - PC

This game, first off, is super underrated and i dont know why. This game may not be my most favorite game but it is indeed a game to remember! lets make it simple with a list of pros and cons Pros: Story Characters Graphics Weapons ENDING! my God I kid you not you will never expect it! Boss fights Cons: Gameplay Controls Voice/mic Control Voice acting Multiplayer AI With all these in mind, i dont care for the controls because i love me a great story! the controls are a problem but u get used to them and sometimes the AI are derpy. The thing i hated the most was voice commands i found myself yelling Yes! and it choosing no lol [and there are a lot of voice command moments]. and i would say my most favorite parts are the bosses they are fantastic! some rage worthy but great and the story is hands down original! or at least hardly used plot Great Game IT NEEDS A SEQUEL! i hope it gets the popularity it deserves


A Pleasing Fisher

Roydo | Sept. 6, 2013 | Review of Splinter Cell Blacklist NCSA - PC

First off i started playing splinter cell conviction is when i liked the series and this sequel does keep the average. The gameplay is much more smoother and fast and climbing is just like assassins creed. New features like dogs and interactive menu make this game more awesome. The game looks so high tech like dead space while your in the menu. With most Ubisoft games yes this game is quite beautiful and fun. Now lets talk about the characters and story, I dont want to spoil so i wont. Sam fisher has a different voice actor and character now which made me sad. Coming from conviction that old experienced man voice for Sam fisher gave me chills to how much of an experienced badass he is, now he just sounds like a fail batman which does not fit his age. His character seems to have greatly changed from conviction because he actually wants to stop the blacklist instead of retiring. The story is decent but the thing that always gets me is stealth. All stealth games keep me excited i guess thats why i had much fun with this game, that, and all the customization that can be done with the suit/weapons. Overall, fun game lackluster character and story


A Game That Pleases The Comic And Show! [Master Piece]

Roydo | Sept. 6, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

Im a huge walking dead fan i have read all the comics and watched all the seasons and played this game more than once. This game hits it in all the right spots. Walking dead in general is all about survival and since Robert Kirkman [the original creator of walking dead] over viewed this game its no doubt that the game was in fact going to thrive. Anything walking dead is usually looked over by Robert Kirkman thats what makes them sooooo good except for the activision walking dead that was a disgrace to gaming. Anyway, this game plays like an interactive movie much like heavy rain which i dont mind, but what makes this game stand out is that all decisions made will be reflected in future episodes! even in season 2! This type of gameplay captured audiences and made telltale on the mainstream and you will get blown away by the powerful story! Overall the game is one of my most favorite game i have ever played. We Are The Walking Dead!


Finally An Ace Attorney Feeling!

Roydo | Aug. 17, 2013 | Review of LA Noire Steam - PC

This game got me when it started with interrogating civilians or witnesses! and man does it feel like Ace Attorney the capcom game on the ds. i am a huge fan of that game and if you are too then you will love la noire. I play games mostly for story and this game has the most feels story there is almost made me cry. this game was a step in the right direction for rockstar, though the gameplay is different with evidence and lie telling it stands far above other rockstar games. Each mission makes you wonder and each story questions your actions and all i have left to say is i just wish there were more games like these, in fact they should have their own genre because they are just down right fun!


Re playable and Enjoyable!

Roydo | Aug. 17, 2013 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

I admit that the first game was actually kinda bad in my tastes but this sequel did everything right! when i got in beta i was hooked! the maps provide such an enjoyable experience especially when its a map you have not seen before. this game keeps you hooked with all the unlockables, masks, skills, and fun with friends! and if your into difficulty no worries try stealthing some maps on lvl pro extremely hard! but rewarding. its super easy to get money and tedious unlocking mods or masks you want but all the more fun! this game though requires good teamwork if you dont you will fail so its easy to pass the blame on a teammate who does not stick with the team. the skill classes are just genius! great fun with other people who can do advanced thing like c4 or making a cop your ally everyone is different and you are able to customize you guns u buy with the mods u randomly unlock. thats probably my biggest problem the random unlocks im lvl 37 now and i only unlocked 2 masks and 3 mods for a weapon i actually use but hey thats it everything else is just hands down great and fun!