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Not as good as the first one.

Rumpel123 | Aug. 27, 2012 | Review of The Guild 2 Platinum Edition - PC

I liked the first game a lot. I played it more then 40h and I thought that part two would be much better. Both games are about your family, trying to make your family the leading one in the city. You have to make a good stand in politics and you try to get rich on the market. For this goal you can use legal and some other strategies ;) Rob your Neighbor or claim him a to be a thief, steal his gold and sell it as yours :) Happy neighbourhood! The first game gives you a nice overlook around the city in which you are building your dominance. You can click you shop, your home and the market. Klick and you have the menu open for your task. But in "The Guild 2" you have to walk around in the small village to get to your destination (Its not that bad but it is more then a contextmenu). Maybe developers tried to build a "The Sims"-Feeling but it didnt worked for me. You still have a lot of options to work your way into the important authority you want to be. And there a lot of options to sabotage your opponents. But it seems a bit more repetitive. There is a nice depth of strategy to make you "the king of the hill". But in my eyes it isnt as good as in the first game. But if you need better graphics and a (litte)bit more "The Sims"- Style this game may fit you more. Otherwise try the first game with its expansions :)


Great game. Small issues but might get fixed.

Rumpel123 | Aug. 20, 2012 | Review of Space Pirates And Zombies - PC

First of. This is a really good game. It has a few issues but If you like game like Sid Meyers Pirates, I'm sure you will like this one. Starting with a tiny and poor equiped ship you make your way through the galaxy to get rich. Whoooo!!! The galaxy is huge enough to give you entertainment for a lots and lots of hours (I explored ~10% and have around 13 hours played). While killing enemy spaceships you learn their technical skills and a while after you can build stronger and bigger ships. You can mount a lot of different weapons and upgrades on each ship, you can have specialist that give your fleet (you can get morge then one ship early in the game) special bonuses and you have to use research a sciencetree to use new weapons. Graphics are really nice to look at and the controlls are to the point. But a big issue is the gamebalance. If you just try to follow the story you soon will be blasted to dust. There is a lot of grinding in this game. But in my opinion the fights are entertaining enough to make this fact less worth. The games gets free updates from time to time and has a active community. In conclusion Im sure you cant really go wrong for the price!


Very good game.

Rumpel123 | July 19, 2012 | Review of Renegade Ops - PC

You are driving a car in a top-down perspective, shooting stuff, crashing (a lot of) stuff and doing missions. You as the player can choose from different cars/characters, everyone with special abilitys (shield,flamethrowers, speedboost). Between missions you can upgrade your car. The story is about an evil guy, doing evil stuff to the united world and another guy trying to stop him (you). The story is told in a nice comicstyle and the ingame-graphics looks crispy and colourfull. I bought the game because I liked Wasteland Angels. A very similar game in gameplay, but this is much superior. It has a lot more missions and the story is much more varied. I only can recommend it if you like driving/action games. Only flaw: Missions can take a bit long at times.


If you like Portal...

Rumpel123 | July 19, 2012 | Review of Twin Sector - PC

... dont play it. Ok, maybe it wasn't the best idea to buy the game while looking something similar to Portal. (I'll mention that later) I first noticed, that Twin Sector didn't had any options to play it on a 16:10 Monitor. I think thats a really bad joke because it was released in 2010. (We had widescreen in "those days") But ok. After starting the game I saw the badest voiceacting + voice to mouth sync ever (+morphed graphics... No 16:10-option). The intro-video is just laughable. The gameplay is a 2/6. You can move and jump but the big "clue" in Twin Sector are your gloves. One is to push objects away and the other is to pull objects in your direction (including your avatar). But it works hardly. There is a tutorial in which you should learn the controlls. In one case you are dropped into a small pit. To get out you have to use the power of both gloves. It took around 1 minutes to finish this small part. Maybe it was because the morphed graphics, but it seems I just could not get the real point to aim on. Back to Portal. It bought Twin Sector because of the small similarities (2 Portalguns / 2 Gravitygloves) and hoped for nice puzzles. But Twin Sector doesn't has this. Puzzles aren't good (even if you don't compare it to portal), graphics looks like from '95 and controls are more then bad. I tend to like games with faults but this is (in my humble opinion) a game which does nothing right


This fills a gap in your library, If...

Rumpel123 | July 19, 2012 | Review of Future Wars - PC like the high rated "Advanced War" on the Nintendo DS (or similar games). This is an highly tactical, but simple in control wargame. It is very easy to learn (it has a long but entertaining tutorial) but it grows into a very strategic game later. This game is turn-bases and thats good for several reasons. You will think a lot about what to do next. Not because it isn't obvious what you "could" do, but because every move can be the one who makes, or crushes the day for your army. In the beginning it is enough to build units that overpower your enemys units in a rock-paper-scissors manner. But later you need a lot of understanding about how the battlefield serves you in the right way. You will surely have to start some missions again and again. I personally think it is very hard in the later levels. Don't get me wrong, it is a very fun game, but it can be very frustrating in times. The graphics don't look good today and the sound is a 3 of 6, but thats not the point in this game. If you like turn-based-strategy-games, give it a try. You can get hours and hours of gameplay out of it if you are into this kind of games.


Avarage game, but with it's moments.

Rumpel123 | July 18, 2012 | Review of Duke Nukem Forever - PC

This new Duke Nukem-game isn't the best shooter in years. The graphics look a bit dated and the gameplay isnt very special. But the Duke delivers what everyone knows him for. A bit of sexism, a lot of Duke-alike verdicts (everyone knows "Balls of Steel"..) and a lot of blood (Sometimes you cant see anything cause your vision is spoiled with it). The Story is ok and there is a nice way to upgrade your "Ego" aka your health. For upgrading it you have to push heavy-weights or get lots of points in flippergames and things like this. If you like the old Duke and are looking for more of it, it is a good buy. Otherwise it depends on your personal taste*. *(You can throw poo on your friends and enemys)