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Great RPG, below average action.

RuneClaw | Aug. 15, 2013 | Review of Alpha Protocol - PC

I followed Alpha Protocol during it's long development and got it as soon as I could. My first impression however was of disappointment. It is an action RPG in a style based on Mass Effect, but it does not execute the shooting very well. It does get better as you get used to the action, but it never feels that special. The skills also feels weak and unbalanced, as some are so extremely useful, like hacking and lockpicking, while some weapons you can train in serve little purpose at all, as other weapons are just better to use. The RPG part of the game however, is amazing. You will make choices that effects major parts of the game for you. Some organisations and characters you interact with can either become allies or enemies and some consequences are not shown for several hours. When you play the game yourself, some options might not be there, as you picked missions in a special order and did specific choices. For example, there is a mission in Russia where you meet a female mercenary and her organisation. You two can fight, become allies or stay neutral, depending on what you say and do. BUT, if you did all the other available missions in Russia before you picked this one, you will not get to do this mission as you have already acquired all the intel you were after in Russia. So Obsidian were not afraid to create a unique voiced character and a large mission map, but then make it possible to miss both, just because of your playing style. Very cool. If you like a game with great RPG features and don't mind some weak combat and action, do give this game a try as it is worth the money and time.