Reviews by Ryukrieger


Interesting RPG

Ryukrieger | Aug. 23, 2015 | Review of 99 Spirits Steam - PC

Personally, Japanese indie game scene is one of the most creative indie scenes, I may have some bias due to that thinking. I like the game's art-style and gameplay, very unusual. The story is magical, simple yet quite fun at the same time. If you want to test your Japanese or English skills, playing the respective version will either make you satisfied or destroy your confidence because the gameplay requires you to "guess" your enemy's names. You won't find a lot of game with this mechanics, so if testing your knowledge is what you're after, then this will be for you. 84 because no game is perfect and this game is not for everyone, but I personally enjoyed it and believed many would feel the same.


Fun to play, depends on the player

Ryukrieger | Aug. 23, 2015 | Review of Goat Simulator - PC

It is really fun for sure, but it's all depend on the player, if you like silly and wacky stuffs, this is definitely for you, some players would go back frequently, some will get bored after a few hours. The game's full of randomness I'm not sure how I should describe it, some bugs and glitches were even intentional left in because they're funny. Goat Simulators, a great game for ones who like maximum silliness and randomness, just beware that if you get bored of games quickly, the game may not have a lot of replay value for you.


Not the perfect Open-world game, but close enough!

Ryukrieger | Aug. 23, 2015 | Review of Grand Theft Auto V ANZ Post - PC

Definitely one of the best Open-world games to date (good-looking to boot) and hits all the sweet marks for PC. All aspects of the games are fabulous, the wacky and "controversial" story to the music and visual are all top-notch. The world is beautifully built from the environment to the characters. Definitely nothing bad about it. The online section is a mixed bag, there are bad players and good players, but what's rampant (or was) was hackers, nowadays Rockstar has been more aggressive on banning hackers (which is good, although they sometimes ban certain modders). All's in all, beside a few minor and rare rare bugs and glitches here and there, I don't know how they could make the game any better polished (beside free DLCs that they release every now and then). Definitely something you should not miss! Recommended and 97 because no game is perfect.


The best Batman experience! But beware of its performance

Ryukrieger | Aug. 20, 2015 | Review of Batman Arkham Knight NA - PC

Despite being one of the best Action Adventure games I've ever played and I wholeheartedly recommend it, you will want to check out its current performance before buying it on PC. While on the console it's a technical wonder, on the PC, it's a mess. If it's fixed by the time you want to buy it, please do. Story: Must. Not. Spoil..... one of the best Batman stories, in my opinion. Music: One of the highlights of the Arkham games has always been its fantastic music. Gameplay: For Batman, it's even much better than before, and it already feels good to play before, it's one of the most enjoyable combat system I've ever played. For the Batmobile, there are many split opinions on this, but in my opinion, the Batmobile handles gorgeously, while I'm incredibly bad at driving in any game, the Batmobile is the vehicle that I truly enjoy and drive best at, the new Battle Mode is so satisfying. A weak point for the game is no real boss battles, most of the boss battles are, frankly, bland and pale compare to everything else in the game. Another weak point is that the Batmobile gets too much attention and while it's an extremely well-designed vehicle, there isn't enough variety in its gameplay compare to all the time put into it, I did enjoy it, however. All in all, once the performance issues are fixed, this will be one of the greatest games to have, despite the lacking boss fights, everything else in the game will blow you away, from sound, music, voice acting, story to the smooth gameplay, animation. This game got a 97 from me because no game is perfect and I love the game, but if the performance issues are not fixed, it would be a great shame and I would give it a 65.


One of the best RPGs of all time

Ryukrieger | Aug. 20, 2015 | Review of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - PC

Despite the controversy of a graphical downgrade, how does the game hold up? Still great, and here's why. Graphics: Increase the settings as high as you can, and take a screenshot, you'll see how good that screenshot looks. The game is still massively beautiful and obviously much better looking than the consoles. Why the downgrade, then? Technically speaking, it could be because the engine can't handle that much details and it would seriously kill any hardware it runs on. NVidia's features will tank your framerates, but if you turn them off, it runs smoother than most recent games while still looking good. Music: Easily one of my favourite aspects. Story: Every single quests have a story, some would surprise you for their depths. The main game has a paramount of choices that you don't know how it would turn out (like the real world), it's a world of gray, your choices may end up differently than what you expect (and make sense, too). All in all, one of the best writing in game. Gameplay: Simple... but not so much. You have: Strike, Guard, Counter, Roll, Side-step for combat, aided by magic and various items which cna be crafted. The game is deeper than most people would think, and if you were to play on the hardest difficulty, trying to go Rambo is definitely heading for death. As an RPG game, it still needs leveling up and gears, but as I really enjoy the quests, I don't find myself too underleveled, I even manage to beat many monsters while underlevel, as long as my weapon can deal a sizable damage. It's a fantastic game, certainly not for everyone due to its mechanics, of course. It is definitely for me, however. A 97 from me because no game is perfect and definitely a recommendation.


One of the best city builders of all time!

Ryukrieger | Aug. 20, 2015 | Review of Cities Skyline - PC

This genre has a few competitions, but none does it better than Cities Skylines. Vanilla: The vanilla version of the game is already extremely good. The game isn't very hard, but it's not easy, either, miscalculations can send you down a spiral of debts, but as you learn the game, your cities will quickly flourish. The graphic is peaceful and pleasant, the music isn't spectacular but it's a pleasant tune. It's a game that would make you lose your sense of time. Modded: The mod community is awesome in this game, there are so many good mods for this game and the support is great. You won't run out of things to do anytime soon once you start grabbing mods off the Workshop. No game is perfect so this is getting a 97 and definitely worth anyone's time.


A good addition, but not much new

Ryukrieger | April 12, 2015 | Review of Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition - PC

There are some new things, but Dynasty Warriors has always been a hack'n'slash centric game with some RPG elements, which was expanded by the Xtreme Legends edition. Set in one of my personal favourite time period of history, The Romance of The Three Kingdoms are one of the most dramatic stories which a multitude of different characters with great personalities. But the story have not changed much with each game because it is based on history. The gameplay is the same old "Press buttons, characters do awesome moves", it is satisfying as always, with dozens and dozens different weapons with each having its own moveset, the animations have always been a strong point and they have never fail to disappoint. The music has always been upbeat, dragging the player along their epic fight. While the game holds itself up with great gameplay, animation and music, the graphics is what holding it back, the game runs smoothly even on older computers, but the developers for some reasons decided not to take full use of more powerful computer's capabilities, they would only need to add more graphical options! The PC version is unfortunately not even on par with the PS4 version when it comes to graphic fidelity despite having more than enough room to breathe. Overall, if you have liked DW games, you will like this game, new weapons, characters and new mechanics (like Rage Mode) along with the Xtreme Legends mode. In my personal opinion, this is recommended! Although I do hope the developers will be able to make use of a PC's capabilities more in the future.


The game is creepy, alright!

Ryukrieger | Sept. 15, 2014 | Review of Resident Evil Revelations Post - PC

This game is creepy, for sure, if you like a Resident Evil that is creepy, you've come to the right game. If RE6 isn't creepy enough for you (it's a good game, really), then Revelations would be your next pick. The game still follows the playstyle since RE4-6, which is third person, QTEs, etc... you would've already at least play one of the latest 3 main games. This game brings back all the good eeriness of the older games where you'll feel like you'll die at anytime. But here's the part, I think it's mainly due to the lack of a co-op partner, but there are other parts, for example, the atmosphere is very dark. If you bring the atmosphere of Revelations to a main RE game (keeps the Co-op, I like Co-op games with friends), I think it'd make a very good compromises. And also, puzzles, there are more than RE6 for sure, which is good, it's nice to take a break once a while from the shooting and just use a bit of your brain. This game gets a 94 from me, because no game is perfect and it's just a personal recommendation!


Liked RE4 and 5? This is the perfect balance (so far)

Ryukrieger | Sept. 15, 2014 | Review of Resident Evil 6 - PC

You like the eeriness of RE4? You also like the Co-op and action of RE5? Welcome to RE6, the compromise of both.... and longer! First of all, RE6's horror is still lacking in most parts. But.... I think that's what they were going for. 3 campaigns following 2 characters each with an additional campaign from Ada Wong's perspective. You'll be able to see something very clear: 1. Leon's and Helena's Campaign: Eerie, creepy and darker than other campaigns, very much like RE4. 2. Chris' and Piers' Campaign: Action! Very RE5, but has a darker tone than RE5. 3. Jake's and Sherry's Campaign: A mix of both eeriness of RE4 and action of RE5. 4. Ada's Campaign (Co-op possible but no partner in single play): A solo experience (if you play alone) with more creepiness of RE4 than RE5's action. It is very clear that the developers thought this through very clearly, they decided something like "You know what? We're going to make 4 campaigns, each has a different feel, most people would like at least one". I liked all 4. The game feels good, play good and is good. If you expect getting scared, you won't most of the time, but if you expect to have fun, then welcome. Bring a friend, have fun! This game gets an 89 from me because nothing is perfect and it's just a personal recommendation!


Not horrifying, but fun

Ryukrieger | Sept. 15, 2014 | Review of Resident Evil 5 - PC

Let's get the first thing out of the way. Survival Horror? No Action "Horror"? Yes, very. On the horror aspect, RE5 has the least horror factor. But as a game overall. The game is fun The mechanics is absolutely unique to normal third person shooter. You can shoot, but melee is a very lovely aspect of the game, with precise shooting, you can knock the enemies out of balance then close in for a strong hard-hitting melee attack. It also has an RPG-like mechanics where you can upgrade your weapons, which has been around, and it still works marvellously. Compared to RE4, the buying-mechanics is much easier, no longer you'd need to find the Mysterious Merchant (I really miss the man), you buy/sell/upgrade stuffs after each mission. I think they should bring a merchant back, but I don't think it'd work with the episodic style of the game. Admittedly, the game is fairly linear, but fun it absolute is. You feel good and powerful if you play right, but if your reaction isn't good, you'll feel vulnerable. The worst part of the game is (for me) the quick-time events, some of them are too fast and too hard. But it doesn't impact the ability to enjoy the game. To enjoy this game to its fullest, bring a friend, since RE5, Resident Evil is one of those series that make co-op really enjoyable. This game gets 81 from me because no game is perfect and it's just a personal recommendation.


One of my favorite Zombie Games

Ryukrieger | Sept. 10, 2014 | Review of Dead Rising 3 - PC

.... but not my favorite Dead Rising game. First, if you judge the game based on previous games. - Better: bigger world, more "ridiculous" weapons, more "sidequests" - Worse: The game feels easier and the characters aren't as interesting. (You can counter-balance the difficulty by playing in Nightmare mode, I recommend that once you finish normal mode..... or you can try to be suicidal and play nightmare mode right off the bat) On its own, the game is really really fun, especially if you've got someone else to co-op with you. All the massive destruction on the zombie hordes, all the ridiculous weapons, they're really fun to play. The main character despite being a completely mass-(zombie) murderer, he still whimpers all the time, even after doing 100+ combos (which doesn't make sense, does it?) But gameplay-wise, it's just fun to mow down zombie with your combo weapons, it's fun to crush and drive over (literally) dozens and hundreds of zombies. You see I mentioned the word "hundreds", because that's literally it, I managed to get to 200+ combos not too long ago in almost one road and only stopped because my weapon broke or I wasn't quick enough to go to the next mass of zombie (and totally miss the first attack). If you want a lot of fun, yes, the game is 99% fun (since nothing is perfect). But if you want to experience of Dead Rising game that keep driving you to the wall because time keeps ticking, then you'll feel this one is much easier since there's just a lot of time, I'm nearly level 30 and I still have nearly 5 days left (4 days and 10+hours), then you'll be disappointed. This game gets an 82 from me because while I think its time-attack aspect is lacking, it's a lot of fun to play. No game is perfect and it's only a personal opinion! PS: This game has some optimization problem before the time of review, when you see this, it may or may not be fixed, just check around.


Valiant Hearts - A Rare Gem

Ryukrieger | June 29, 2014 | Review of Valiant Hearts The Great War - PC

When you think "World War games", you think "BOOM! HEADSHOT" or "One man army shoot an army". But Valiant Hearts is a very... very... different game from those. The characters aren't super humans, they can't do everything by themselves, when the playable characters are together, they would help each other. When they're alone, you have to solve puzzles, help other people, etc... I've nearly finished the game, but the amount of "combat" there was in the game... not much at all, most of the time you'll be spending *helping* people, enjoying the story, yes, war is painful, war is bad, the characters themselves are suffering trying to live through war. The story is stunning, the puzzles are creative, the art style is... unique, the music is flawless. This isn't an AAA game, but it's definitely one of the best game I've played this season. If you enjoy narratives in game and puzzles, you will enjoy this game. 96 because it's only my opinion and anyone can have another. And remember, it's just a personal recommendation!


A bad port for an Incredible game

Ryukrieger | June 10, 2014 | Review of Watch Dogs - PC

Well, before I get into the actual review, I have to say one thing, the PC port is a poorly optimized mess (as of the time of review), you will not be able to max this game out completely no matter what system you have, an i7 with GTX 770 won't max it, reviewers with Titans can't max it, so I doubt you can, but if you can... darn, you're armed. Actual review: Gameplay: I love it, love it to dead, imagine GTA with hacking and changing the city as you play (don't worry, damages done will be recovered like in any other games), I also like the vast amount of things you can do beside the main missions, I've been playing since release date and still haven't finished Act II of the game since all the side-stuffs are so addicting I keep forgetting about the main missions. I also like the "Alternate reality" mini games called "Digital Trip", in short, this open world game is more than just an open world game, you interact with the city and see all its citizens' profile, choosing who to steal from, what to hack, what to do... Yes, I love the directions they went with this game, and I hope they can improve it. Certainly the AIs can be improved, along with stealth and parkour system. Music: Nothing spectacular but the music is really good. Graphics: Certainly reduced from the original gameplay, too bad it has to be compatible with the PS3 and Xbox360. What I like best is how the UI works, it's... interesting, I must say, it's not just a 'flat' UI flapped on the screen, but more like it's actually there. Alls in all, ignoring the terrible port job, I'd give this game a 97, but due to the terrible port, it's a 91 from me. (So keep that in mind when they actually fix the port). Because no game is perfect, and this is only my personal opinion, but you can play this game!.... if not, wait until a few more patches come out, it might be better then, although I'm playing quite stably, I can't say the same for everyone.


Trials? Check. Errors? Also another check! Fun? Oh hell yes!

Ryukrieger | April 30, 2014 | Review of Trials Fusion Standard Edition - PC

Trails Fusion, do you remember the last Trials game? Where you ride a bike, leaning forward and backward, then crash and burn? Well, this is another game of that! Same old, quite yes, same fun, probably yes! Trials Fusion does what it does best, place you on a bike, then let you taste hell as you laugh "How is that possible? How did I crash?", then after multiple tries, you finally get your medal without any faults, you feel proud of yourself. Gameplay wise, the same old I mentioned above, leaning back and forth, there's also performing tricks later on in the game, there's also crashing and exploding. But what's the best part of Trials games? Co-op! Come on! Finish the "main" mode then get your friends together and crash together! This game is quite simple yet it is a fun-fest when you play with you friends! Graphics are impressive and fun-looking! Not that they look weird, they're nice to look at, the dynamic background also is a lot of help, the level designs are brilliant and fun! Well, 79 for me, it's an old concept, but it works just so well, for this price it's not too expensive, and it's fun, most fun with friends, also player-made maps might be coming in waves soon, so if you enjoy swinging around on a bike but still want to stay safe (trust me, sometimes you won't believe the "character" would survive), this game may just be for you! But remember, this is just a personal recommendation!


Satisfying, Hard, but a bit more till a great PC port!

Ryukrieger | April 30, 2014 | Review of Dark Souls II NA Post - PC

Dark Souls II? Hard? Check. Punishing? Check. Want you to die? Check. Prepared you for dying? No! You'll suffer! Dark Souls II is a satisfying sequel to Dark Souls (and Demon's Souls), it's hard, it's punishing, and oh it requires some observations and skills, I'm going to be frank, you'll die, a lot, within the first 10 minutes (not counting the cutscene), you'll probably die already. And how does it feel when you customize your character for an hour then you die and turn into a green zombie anyway? Well, good luck! Gameplay wise, still quite the same old. You'll still die, yes. Story wise, mysterious as always, yet it is interesting, indeed. Graphics, it may not be impressive for the games you've been looking at, but it still looks better than Dark Souls, and still looks good in my opinion. Atmosphere is quite.... nice, I must say, quite fitting, too. For Dark Souls II, there's not much to say, it's quite the same yet it is not, if you like Dark Souls, you'll like the sequel, nothing more! If you consider yourself patience, observant and like punishing game, it's for you. One warning, sometimes the game can be dull and boring as there's nothing much going on most of the time beside you going around, killing and getting killed. This one gets a 75 from me, I enjoyed the game somewhat, but it is just not my type of game, I like hard games, but I also like them to be a bit more engaging instead of going around (almost) aimlessly, but that also has its charm, you won't know where to go at first, but... you just have to go there, if you don't know where to go, whichever way you take will get you there. That's why a 75! It has its charms! But remember, this is just a personal opinion! A personal review!


As a game? Not much. As a whole? Ah.... I cried (in a good way)

Ryukrieger | April 16, 2014 | Review of To The Moon - PC

To The Moon, as a game is not much, it's just a point-and-click adventure. But the most amazing parts about this game doesn't come from the gameplay, if you ask me "Would it be worth it to play this game?", I would ask that if you had a heart, you would. Let's break it down. Gameplay: The usual point-and-click. I'm giving no spoilers, but the game is similar to an RPG, but instead of moving around with keys, you use your mouse and lead the characters as they navigate, the other section includes "Find the important thing in the area" which requires you to move around and find those important items that would progress the story (but not as boring as the "Here's a picture, click on the items in the picture!" but you will have to navigate around like an actual top-down RPG game!) Story and Music: Fantastic, if games could be rated on story and music alone, I'll give this a 100! The story brings tears to my eyes and the music keeps coming back to my ears (They're in my playlist). You play this, you will never forget it! Graphics: Ah, the nice 2D Top-Down RPG, styled and fun, of course it would never get old! In short, the game may not be much of a game, but its music and story are both fantastic, the moment you finish the game, you will feel kind of empty inside (but also feel some happiness for the characters), the emotion of this game is powerful, if you have heart for humanity, I think you will love this game! A 95 from me! Despite the gameplay is not much, everything else made up for the lack of it! I'm not going to lie, the story and music of game is... well... I can't *tearing up*... sorry.... I'll just... end here. But anyway, this is just a (personal) game recommendation!


Frustrating? Yes. Too much fun? YES!

Ryukrieger | April 16, 2014 | Review of Eryis Action - PC

Short ver: This game is for people with patience, who wants to think logically combined with some reflexes, timing and of course, some sense of humour! But that's not all, thinking logically also means thinking outside of the box. In this game you WILL die a lot, get stuck on some parts for quite a bit, but the feelings of completion is flawless, so if you think you're patience enough, get this game! Long version: Do you like brain-taxing, logical thinking game? If yes, get this game. Do you like funny and unexpected surprises? If yes, get this game. Do you like boss fights that are unique? If yes..... maybe consider the two points above first. Similar to so-called "Cat Mario", this game takes "trolling" the player to skyscraper, but each stage is unique to their own, making all deaths seemingly funny but... er... you'll die a lot. I died a total of 789 times through the game (finished it), What will make the game appealing? First, it makes you think every stage, think outside the box, that is. Second, not only it lets you unleash your brainiac power, but it will also make you make use of your reflex, coordinations and timing. Third.... make sure you don't wreck your computer or keyboard, you may rage with this game. So what are you waiting for? If you have the patience and mind and hands to play this game! Then go for it! It's not easy, but it's not hard, either! It's just.... brain-hurting sometimes! (Not just because of the puzzles, but also the pain of dying!) This game gets an 81 from me with the above reasons, but I know not everyone would agree with me! But anyway, this is just a (personal) game recommendation!


One of the best Co-op Shooter!

Ryukrieger | April 16, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 ANZ - PC

You like playing fun shooter with ridiculously fun weapons? This is your game! And better, it has co-op mode up to four players! One of the best of its kind! The gameplay is normal shooter with more at its root with various weapons and elements, along with a big big open-world (also killing funny enemies and take their guns! Or find "gun" treasures!)! The story is a ridiculous one with a fun villain! The music is good, but I didn't find anything spectacular. The graphics is stylized so one thing for sure, the graphics won't get old anytime soon like other games! In short, this game is great fun, it didn't have anything that would be called outstanding, but the big big world and the amount of fun you can have in this game is... well.... a lot! This game gets an 81 from me, because while doing nothing spectacular beside the open-world, the fun factor is the main factor! And no doubt you'll have lots of fun.... especially with friends!


The Rise of Batman!

Ryukrieger | April 15, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

This game surely deserves all the praises it got, because when I started up and played the game, it was so fun that I have played it over and over quite a few times! From the beginning in Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady expanded their world into a massive prison city "Arkham City", with an (of course) bigger map, a bigger story, more (side) stories, more (and cooler, harder) Easter Eggs, more combat and stealth moves! Everything was an improvement but let's dissect it. The Gameplay: Batman's combat moves got expanded by a great deal, there were more moves (and enemy types) that make you feel like a master martial artist Batman is, taking down one enemy after another with up to 100x combos, dozens of thugs! (Depends) There are also more Stealth Takedowns, with varieties that you'll feel excited to use on each enemy one by one. The Story: Well, fantastic for me, all the characters were conveyed extremely well by (again) super voice-acting, all the twists were fun, but... no spoilers for you! The Music; Out of all the games, this one has the best music overall, in my opinion! Especially the main theme music, the music feels epic and powerful! Even more than the first game! The Graphics: Playing both the first and this game back-to-back, you can see the difference, I don't pay much attention to graphics than the game itself, so I can only say that the graphics did improve! The game got a 96 from me, because not everyone will have the same opinion, and also, the side-missions are best done along the story, because if everything is done after, one or two side-missions would feel poorly-paced. But anyway, this is just a (personal) recommendation!


Where the (game) legend began

Ryukrieger | April 15, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

When the game first came out, it was one of the best games of its time, the beginning of one of the (personally) best game franchise! In Batman Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady took everybody by surprise, why? Because... comparing to other AAA games, the game had less marketing from the beginning. And judging from the previous Batman (and superhero) games, most people wasn't expecting anything ground-breaking. And when the game was released, the game was amazing, the combat style that was so rare before now implemented flawlessly by Rockstead, the super fun stealth combat that makes you feel like the invisible predator. The gameplay was extremely refreshing comparing to a lot of other games of the time. On the story, it was fascinating, not only the twists, but about all the elements in the game, from the normal main story to the "Easter Eggs" telling the lore of Batman's other enemies. Combining with the fantastic voice-acting, for example Kevin Conroy's Batman and Mark Hamil's Joker (Oh, personally, I love the Joker's voice, Mr. Hamil is as good as always as the Joker) Then the music, the score was composed so perfectly that if you take the music away from the game after playing it with the music, you'll feel like you just lost half of the game itself, because the music was so powerful! Wondering about graphics? I don't pay too much attention to graphic comparing to other departments, but I have to say, when it was released, it was one of the best-looking (not in realistic way, but stylish way) games! Even making good use of Physx (though not necessary, they're just for the looks) This game gets an 89 from me, for as ground-breaking as it is and how much fun I have from it, it was fairly limited as it was the first game, and of course, people may have different opinion from me. But anyway, this is just a recommendation!


Not the most innovative, but the biggest!

Ryukrieger | April 14, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

It may not be the most innovative game in the franchise, but it certainly is the biggest. For a studio that didn't build the game from scratch, they made a fantastic addition to Arkham City (as a prequel), The storyline and music are still fantastic, the feelings of a young Batman can also be felt in certain moments! The combat and stealth are still smooth and fluid and still is one of the greatest style. The game fell short when it first came out with quite a lot of bugs reported. but now the game is completely playable, some people are still reporting bugs here and there, but personally, I have not encountered any bug in my later playthrough, if you want something to hold my words for, I have completed the "I Am The Night" mode, the mode where you can't die, smoothly, if that is the case, that means I have not encountered any game-breaking of annoying bugs, and I have not noticed them, either! 91 for being fantastic but not the most innovative (it is not a bad thing, so it doesn't reduce many points from me), and I also know not everyone would have the same opinion as I did. In short, the game carried on the spirit of Arkham City and made it bigger! But anyway, this is just a personal recommendation!


The most ground-breaking superhero game to date!

Ryukrieger | April 14, 2014 | Review of Batman Game of the Year Pack - PC

Batman fan? Yes? No? Still get it anyway! Unless you only have the ability to button smash, then you should get it! The story is fantastically told by the skilled writers and delivered so perfectly by the top-notch voice actors. The gameplay is marvelous, the combat is one of the best styles an action game could get, simple, but requires to have proper timing and observation.The stealth segments, however, are my favorite, the feeling of preying on the thugs that think they are in control, picking them off one by one with multiple different takedowns, satisfying! The atmosphere and environment fit perfectly with Batman and other characters, with each of the major characters having their own "feel" in their area. The music will be one of the best game music you'll ever listen to. In short, a completely satisfying experience with both game, start from Arkham Asylum, where the legendary franchise is born, to Arkham City, where it blew everyone's minds (Origins is not included in this pack, it's good, but I'm not giving a review here) If you truly likes a high-quality third-person action game with a good mix of combat and stealth, if you like a fantastic storyline, this game is for you! 99 because I personally like the game and all its design, not 100 because I know not everyone has the same taste as I am. But anyway, this is just a recommendation!


Make a calculation

Ryukrieger | April 14, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins Season Pass - PC

The thing you'd be looking at buying the DLC would be the story DLC, which is rumored to be around 10$ (as of the time of posting). Unless you want all the costumes + challenge maps, there is little point to get this (personally, I like the challenge maps, not so much the costumes) In short, this is worth buying if you like every single thing you would get, because unless they announce more story DLCs that will be included in the Season Pass, I would only consider to buy it or not after the DLC comes out, but most likely not at full price. But as of the time of posting this, the season pass is on sale for 4.99$, which is a good bargain, I originally intended to wait for the story DLC to come out then get that only, but if it's on sale for less than 10$, might as well grab it and consider others as bonus.