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The Best Total War Yet.

SIRSizzlebottom | June 29, 2011 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

The Creative Assembly guys have revisited the very first game in the total war series to finally create the game they originally intended to. And boy, did they do one hell of a job. Featuring less units, the game now resembles more of a rock paper scissors type of game more than anything else now. Each unit type is specifically designed to have strengths and weaknesses. You really have to get down and dirty with your troops to succeed because this is one crazy difficult game. If you go into a fight poorly equipped and no knowledge of unit types, you will get slaughtered. The beautiful thing is that you can actually attack and defend strategically using the overhead map as well now. Laying out bluffs you can trap the enemy and put them right where you want them. This is when the game is at it's best. All in all, the entire experience has been funneled into a precise and concrete package that would be insane to pass up if you were a strategy fan. And the multiplayer campaign is just the icing on the cake.