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A note on Online

STJ | July 6, 2015 | Review of Grand Theft Auto V ANZ Post - PC

Since most of the other reviews will have told you all about how well the game performs I would like to spend a few moments talking about GTA Online. GTA Online certainly was a big selling point for me,promising to be as fun as the GTA IV Multiplayer,but on a larger scale.I wasn't disappointed with what I got,but unfortunately they missed a lot of chances to make it even better. (One of the things that bothered me was Action menu being a bit clunky,or at least it felt like during gameplay) Aside from that Online comes with a content Creator that's woefully inadequate in my opinion.It's clear from using it that it was not made for precision and it'll be a struggle using it with a keyboard,that is if you can use it at all.The content Creator for me goes into an endless loading screen if booted any other way than Main Menu > Single Player > Creator.This seems to be a somewhat common issue and as of me writing this hasn't been fixed.If you've ever worked with the MTA Map Creator for San Andreas,you'll notice all the missed potential. I don't think I need to explain the community this game has created too much so I'll keep it short.If you're dropped into a lobby you'll likely be faced with a lot of loud people and a lot of killing on sight.Tthis can be avoided by going into Passive mode,which disables your ability to well,do anything other than drive.You would do well to just get your friends together and host up a Private lobby instead of joining a random one. Speaking of friends,I would not recommend playing GTA Online without friends.It simply adds to the enjoyment and there are many fun moments to be had.It feels pretty damn satisfying to complete a heist with your best buddies,a lot more so than trying to do it with random people. (This shouldn't discourage you to try it,I've simply not had a very pleasant experience with matchmaking so I personally cannot recommend it) And onto my last point.Cash is obtainable in small amounts through missions for 1-6 players (Normally 1-4 or 2-6) ,in even smaller amounts through races (Unless you're confident in betting on yourself) and Deathmatches.Your main way of getting money will either be Heists or buying Shark Cards.However,since there are only 5 Heists,with the last one probably netting you 200,000$ it can be a grind to get that Golden Jet you want for 10,000,000$.Not saying you need a Golden Jet,but why not right? That's really about it,the hit detection in Deathmatches is normally solid even if you have horrid internet like I do (Just don't try DMing in open world,I found it impossible).The loading times are at worst 2-3 minutes I found. You should have a good times with it and it's certainly a nice edition to the already fun single player.Bring friends and have fun!


Probably the game with the best story I have ever played

STJ | Feb. 4, 2013 | Review of Mass Effect 3 - PC

Before I get to Mass Effect 3 I have to advise you to play the first and second games,because as people have mentioned it's not the same without the attachment to the characters that you build up in the previous titles. The Start of the game - Is in my opinion the weakest bit of the game,and I found it quite hard to play the game as it was (As much as I like it) just dragging on.There are however certain missions that you can miss unless you do them right away.All in all I expected more from the beginning however it does introduce a extremely important character* that you will rarely ever see. The Mid-Way Mark - Is the best bit of the game..The bit where the story develops,where you meet up with your crew* and the main and side missions are most interesting.You want to,like in the beginning,do everything you can do now because you will need all of the help you can get for the end.This bit of the game is introduced by something that will likely leave you very sad assuming you played the previous games.I don't quite remember ever shedding a tear because of a game. The Ending - You need to pay attention to this bit of the game and do what you came to do originally*.You should also download the free DLC (Extended Cut) because it's a crying shame it wasn't included from the beginning and in my opinion the ending should not be played without it. A quick heads up considering the Multiplayer - You have to play it for a bit to get the most out of the support you manage to rally.But you shouldn't regret playing it as the multiplayer is quite nicely done.Just about every weekend there is a challenge that will net you nice loot if completed and overall there is plenty to see and do in the Multiplayer.Not to mention it gives you the chance to roughly see what the other classes you could've picked are like. To sum it up - Mass Effect 3 is an amazing if slightly flawed game and the only thing which I see people complaining about nowadays is the 'forced' multiplayer which you can avoid but should not because it will come back to haunt you.It has superb characters and I can say i came out of the game without hating even one of them.The story does go weird sometimes but is overall still amazing.I can praise this game all day long but let's end it with this. It's superb and it's worth the money,just remember to play the previous titles first.


A Newbies Review

STJ | Dec. 7, 2012 | Review of Towns - PC

So I tried the likes of Dwarf Fortress before and I was utterly confused However recently I have found this game and here is what my first actual 'town' ended up being: After failing to build a house (Not having learned how to properly place a roof yet) My previous town had been slaughtered by I swiftly loaded up a new map.Naturally I found the first larger mountain I could and hollowed it out and from there on I had little trouble with any hostile NPCs...That is to say after I locked everyone in there.. There is one certain thing through the whole game that annoyed me.If you had a storage that allowed let's say bones (Which drop anywhere on the map once something dies there) a Villager would run across the map to get it,even when it's surrounded by monsters.Other than this the game was enjoyable and new.You can build anything from small towns,vault type shelters to a giant building housing everything you need (If you so desire and feel like giving your workers something to do for the next couple of hours) The further you dig down the greater treasure expects you...or the Hero that's visiting your town and exploring the dungeons. I found it to be trial and error for me...but after a few hours I had a nice idea of what I wanted to do,and when I finally managed to do it,I looked at the clock and realized I should've gone to sleep a long time ago.And for me that defines a game as worth playing.



STJ | Oct. 21, 2011 | Review of VVVVVV - PC

Theres not much to say about this...See that cluster of Pixels with the two black dots on top?That's you.Your on a Spaceship with something goes terribly wrong and your crew is transported via emergency teleport into parts unknown,your goal is too find them.How do you accomplish this seemingly impossible task on the huge spaceship you ask?By reversing gravity.You will travel through many enemies,some with very tricky traps,moving platforms,hidden items and notes.While your doing all of that there is amazing music playing in the background guiding you through.Basically this game is at a low price as it is,and is way worth it,buy it and you will see,or download the demo first if you don't take my word :)


More Lego Games

STJ | Oct. 21, 2011 | Review of LEGO Batman The Videogame - PC

After playing Lego Indiana Jones that was an amazing game and is sure to be in my CD Collection for a long time too come,I'd say Batman has slightly improved on the concept,granted that my memories of it are a bit far back in time.I'd recommend the game too anyone who likes fun and creative Co-op games(And this to people who need to have fancy graphics,it's actually not bad in that department),because honestly this game is twice the fun with twice the players.So remember... 1=Fun 1+1=Tons of Fun


Lots of Fun

STJ | Sept. 18, 2011 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

You remember when you first put the GTA IV Disk into your computer?You would install the game,start it up,do 1 mission, and just started sandboxing the living hell out of the game? This is kind of it! Now,this game and myself do NOT see eye to eye....The Voice acting is everything but good,It's trying to take itself seriously,or i might have missed the joke somewhere....Now you might think...oh no,the game isn't good? WRONG! If your looking for a time-waster this game is amazing, the amount of time i invested into exploring the beautiful Jungles, Villages, Towns, Mountain Tops and Cities...My god and all of that on a scale close to Minecraft And all of that in the most amazing graphics.. Just thinking about it makes me loose my concentration... Right, back to things at hand, Great Game,i f it is on sale, buy it, you WILL NOT BE SORRY!


Worth it!

STJ | Sept. 18, 2011 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

First Impression: I honestly can't say that I have put many hours into it,but it's an amazing game,despite what people might say about the graphics or engine... Game: Is not the slightest bit forgiving, so if you are going to play it, make sure you adjust the difficulty accordingly, since it's brutal if your looking at one direction for more then 5 seconds...The game itself has a wide choice of guns, accordingly to several Perks you can choose to level, of course depending on perk you will do better with certain weapons, so make sure you want to play what you picked... Maps are well made and the strategic welding of doors, honestly kind of under appreciated.. Oh and theres different types of Mutants! Conclusion: Worth buying,however try to have some friends with you on that one,because it's more enjoyable with people you can actually rage at!That's about it,Good Hunting!