Reviews by SaburoSakai


Fun Game

SaburoSakai | June 5, 2013 | Review of Expeditions Conquistador - PC

Reminds me of some olden games like Conquest of the New World. However the fighting mechanics i wish had more variation. Also map variation is quite limited. However that will not detract from my score. Why? Because this is a indie developed game and just the fact they executed this game successfully i am grateful. Its a fully functional turned based game on exploration. Sure there are limited parts here and there and also bugs as well. But its totally worth the money if you have any interest in the era or love the turn based style of gaming. Truthfully you'll prolly have some trouble in the beginning, getting into fights you don't want to or poorly managing your rations and your people get pissed off and mutiny against you. But thats the beauty of the game haha you get some really random and sometimes humorous scenarios happen to you or a expedition member.


Fun for Paradox Fans only.

SaburoSakai | May 14, 2013 | Review of Sengoku - PC

This game is just like many other paradox games less on the action, more about the tactics, political and management of a nation or clan for this example. If you love Civilization , the Total War series and star craft mainly because of the battle factor you will not be a fan of many of paradoxes works. I love this mainly because i have Japanese blood and its fun to mess around with a lot of the history , and maybe even setting a name for your family even though in real life they were treated terribly. Sengoku is a fun game, for those who can love the paradox style, i would sure like more options available in this game, although i feel the time period isn't very good for a paradox game due to the fact that the era is called the Warring Periods.


Fun , but can get frustrating

SaburoSakai | May 12, 2013 | Review of Lords of Football (2) - PC

This game is fun to fans of football(soccer), it is fun to see all your players improve over time and be able to face some of the more elite teams within you league. Of course there are problems that begin to frustrate you. There is very little ability to manage what your players do after training. People get addictions way to much and it gets extremely frustrating especially when you only have limited locations to resolve that issue. The actual football games aren't as fluid , but i didn't expect it since this company isn't one of the major sports game franchise makers. Its not a great game, from a diehard football fan this was quite upsetting and that there wasn't much more customization to what you could do with players.


Fun game!

SaburoSakai | May 11, 2013 | Review of Natural Selection II - PC

This game is fun! If you enjoy a simplified rts style and a sci style fps game you'll definetly love this game. I was a fan of the Savage series, Savage I and Savage II the two tgames that pretty much were one of the first few RTS/FPS games out in the market back then. This does that style with a justice by fighting in a more futuristic would rather then middle ages style of Savage. The two races are quite different , but it adds a nice twist of play depending which side you go to. Because the style of plays are different it requires a lot of practice to be good. Its fun but you can't go rambo style it'll only get you killed.


This game is great!

SaburoSakai | May 11, 2013 | Review of Battlestations Pacific - PC

I don't know why people have negative opinions on this game. Its a great game when playing single player or online due to the variety of options you're able to play with. The game is great fun it allows you to control naval and airforce in a relatively large battlefield. The last game i appreciated with this level of play was battlefield 1942 but this gives a whole new scale to naval combat as well as air. Of course the rocket planes are a bit unbalanced and still need reworking , the community is small now a days because its a relatively old game now however its quite enjoyable if you can gather just a few friends to play with,.


A fun game

SaburoSakai | May 11, 2013 | Review of Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad - PC

The multi-player for this game is quite fun and impressive like any other fps games. Community can be good or bad but thats just like every other game in the market. However the multiplayer options are quite limited and may not be worth the full price it is offered at in comparison to others. If you have a group of friends playing this game its much more fun , so if there is ever a sale you should get it and enjoy it. My opinion a very small learning curve.