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A great idea. but with a few problems

Sadrax | July 6, 2013 | Review of Clive Barkers Jericho - PC

Lets think... Where should i start? The game puts you as a leader of a 7 man squad equiped with paranormal skills, but not for long. In the end of first part of the game our main hero 'dies' but in last moment his spirit jumps to one of his teammates. From now on you can switch between characters and use their powers (in addition to your own "cure" power that allows you to revive fallen teammate). I found this mechanic pretty nice because there isn't any weapon change system. Unlike in some FPS games, the enemy variety is pretty good. Because of the story presented in game, you fight with transformed version of nazis, roman soldiers, gladiators and even templars. However most of the times there are areas that will swarm you with enemies untill you get to some point of that place. The story is intriguing and captivating, on the other hand the tension wasn't as good as it fits a horror. In addition the game ends with a cliffhanger, probably because there was second part planned but the developer got shut down. But even considering those small mistakes. The game is worth to play.