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Remember me if you can

SaintKB | Aug. 23, 2014 | Review of Remember Me NA Post - PC

It's more like "remember parts of me" than "remember me" really since Remember Me is a pretty decent game as a whole but certain parts stand out while others fade into the background which to me either showed a lack of consistency within the game and maybe a lack of communication between the design team. BUT anyway Remember Me is one of those titles that comes along once and a while and wows you with it's ideas and mainly it's ideas - the game's main concept memory storage and distribution is a great concept and weaves the story together well making you question both your character (Nilin) and the other character's own memory as you try and get to the end buuuuuut it does kind of fall apart near the end and the amount of lore the game expects you to take in first time around is obnoxious to say the least. Yet like I stated before this is a game of inconsistency, even if the concepts are great the characters aren't as well done, yeah you may question them but it's not like their memorable. In contrast to this the world and environment design is top-notch and refreshingly makes the future an actual okay place to live in as it's littered with cafes and clothing shops making it feel like that the human race has actually progressed into this state. Another great visual aspect is the effects design as some of them are superb and fit into this sci-fi world so neatly that they are a joy to watch, blasting the memories out of a guy's head has never looked better :D. The most stand-out concept of the game is the fact that you can fiddle with people's memories, change them and therefore changing their life experiences forming them into a different person, it's a great story narrative device and probably could have had a whole game for itself from how enjoyable it was but I wish it was used more... The combat system is a refreshing take on the usual beat em up, gone are the heavy attack, light attack, dodge ceremonial dance that is worshipped by previous games and instead you create your own comboes with their own benefits, mixing up kicks and punches as you go - roundhouse kicking foes to give me health is just so sweet plus someone decided that you can dodge and carry on your combo which is a awesome touch yet the combat can get really clustered when fighting multiple foes and you can never seem to pull off your best comboes because you get blind sided by a dude lightly stroking your hair. On that note the humanoid enemy designs (the robots are pretty cool) and character designs (excluding a few characters) are really bland and take the life out of the world as the humoids all look like splicers that didn't make the cut to be in Bioshock. The boss battles excluding the last one felt really tedious to me, or in fact pointless, same goes for the stealth sections. There is a hell of a lot of climbing to do but Nilin moves so slowly that it makes it more of a chore to do it. The game time isn't that long with no replayablility at all and is pretty linear however the linear parts don't make it exactly bad as it does allow you to focus on the story. Even though it does have it's faults and can be annoying at times Remember Me was pretty enjoyable for most of it, if your looking for a "different" type of beat em up I'd reccomend this. + Combat is refreshing and new + World, Special Effect and Environment design are superb + Memory remixing is a great gameplay mechanic + Story has it's moments - Drab enemy and character designs - Climbing and stealth are pretty boring - Boss battles are annoying - Short (but compact) 7/10


'Murica Creed

SaintKB | Aug. 23, 2014 | Review of Assassins Creed III Uplay - PC

This review contains slight spoilers Stabby, Stab, Stab. It may be the weakest in the series, I think that it takes up a lot to set a game in the American Revolution and make it interesting and Ubisoft are yet to disappoint in this assassination outing. The combat system and the free-running has been revamped and is much easier to use, yeah there may be no lock-on any more but really it makes sense as a design choice.On that note the combat animations look awesome and the double counters are pretty awesome as well.The stealth is a bit clunky at times but the AI has been improved so they aren't as dumb as before but can be tricked pretty easily for some pretty funny mishaps and it feels much more hectic being chased as well. The setting ultimately lets the game down though, with too many god damn trees, which make the free running confusing and also it becomes hard to tell when guards will and wont stop you when your perched up there waiting for your next kill nor are the building high enough to be awe inspiring. The characters are great except the main character Connor who is unbearably arrogant and I swear at one point I wondered what he offered for the creed or even why he was an assassin plus the tutorial is like a couple hours so get ready for a long journey, and don't think its going to be a super interesting journey either because the story lost me most of the way and I just killed whoever they told me to to get to this Charles Lee guy who Connor seemed more interested in than Fan girls to Justin Beiber. But in the end it's still a good addition to your Creed Collection + Combat has been improved + Looks Great + Characters are pretty engaging - Except for the idiot of a main character - Setting choice wasn't the greatest - Long tutorial sequence


Doesn't have much to offer

SaintKB | Aug. 23, 2014 | Review of Alien Breed Impact - PC

Just plain out boring. I couldn't even bare an hour of this thing. Alien Breed: Impact isn't an action game it's a point and click adventure in an action games clothing. All you ever seem to do is find out something doesn't work, find the object that makes it work when you rub them together then proceed to the next thing that doesn't work; oh wait there's aliens, don't forget the aliens. The aliens in it really it has nothing to offer for you, the aliens are far from scary, laughable even I hadn't even realised that they were supposed to be the enemies because of how lackluster they were. The environment are just linear corridors and I swear all the lighting effects are just there to mask how drab and boring the game looks as a whole. You could have the same amount of fun playing this buy going through your system files one by one then stopping ever now and then to grab a pair of keys shove them into your screen and making gargling alien sounds. On the plus side there were no bugs encountered during my small amount of time playing this product. So just keep moving there is nothing to see here. + Didn't encounter any bugs - Plain boring - Aliens aren't scary and there just to waste time - Level design and level mechanics (find something to make something work) are tedious - Unpleasing to your eyes 3/10