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A Battlefield 3 Dream

Sam0316 | April 27, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 Premium Edition NA Origin - PC

For those of you that are Battlefield fans, this game will either be a hit or a miss with you. A lot of the game mechanics, such as surpression, sun glare, etc. will either add to your realism feel or really break the game. However, for value, this is unbeatable, as this was on sale for $35, and included the DLC , Premium Service, and the base game! Considering I have friends who paid over $120 for Premium and the Game, even at full price of $60 this is a real steal. If you don't like EA's online server policies, walk away now. All servers are owned and operated through EA, and if you are looking to host your own server, it must be through EA and follow all their rules. In addition, many people consider those without Premium to be at a disadvantage because of all the premium weapons and perks. However, seeing as this package includes premium that won't make much of a different. All in all though, this game gives you constant multiplayer action, allowing you to roll out in tanks, fly jets, or rock out as 4 different infantry classes (Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon). Whether you play alone, or as a team, this game is fun, and having spent over 200 hours on it, I can say it was worth the time and money.