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Halo 4, the pro's and cons

Sam_Rockett | March 5, 2014 | Review of Halo 4 - Xbox 360

Halo itself filled by childhood with joys, its what i played straight away from when i got home from school. Delighted to hear back in July of 2011 that a new halo was coming out! A year later the game was finally released but i was to find that it was not up to its former predecessors. The campaigns story fitted in with the series though and i was glad to see the Chief was making a comeback and Cortana to. The graphics of the game were far more superior to the games before it comparing to halo 3 you could see major improvements such has the armour detailing of all the Spartans was present, no blurs, faults or issues. Your surroundings were crisp clear and the scenery was delightful. however the story line to the game was not up to my standards, yes it was exciting and enticing to find out what happens next, but i feel it really lacked what halo 3 had. The multiplayer was great, several game types to choose from such as the traditional slayer, big team battle and including a new addition in the match making section infection (this was on the older games but you could only play as a custom game) these all met my standards and were great fun to play with mates and alone. A brief sum up for those who don't want to read my paragraphs Pros: -Good graphics -exciting story line -multiplayer is enjoyable -provides hours of game play Cons: -story line isn't as great as it use to be -expensive -very different to other halo games All in all the game is a great play, i definitely recommend it to all the halo fans and i think 343 did a great job in continuing the halo story on. Its definitely worth the money and will not disappoint! but i feel the story line could of been improved and they could of made it feel more like halo that just a common FPS game.