Reviews by Sandoooooo


Brilliant Action Driving Game!

Sandoooooo | Nov. 4, 2012 | Review of Driver San Francisco - PC

This game is a brilliant action-adventure driving game. I loved it more than the previous Driver games. Driver San Francisco takes place in only one place, San Francisco. The story is decent. It's about you Tanner, being in a coma after suffering an accident. And your friend, Thus, the one who controls Tanner during his coma. The graphics in this game is really amazing. The faces and characters are very detailed which makes it look like a movie. This game got good collection of cars, and handling them is great. Humor in some dialogues is funny. In this game, the developers decided to create a new mechanic called "Shift" which enable the player to shift to any car in Tanner's coma instead of the ability of getting out of the car to steal another car as in the old Driver games. I didn't play much in multiplayer, but it also looked awesome as the story is.


Dawnguard is decent!

Sandoooooo | Sept. 6, 2012 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Dawnguard - PC

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard is a great DLC, but I expected more. If you've spent hundred of hours playing in Skyrim, then this DLC is for you. However, it's better for you to wait for a price drop because it's a bit overpriced. The idea of combining vampires and werewolves is nice. This DLC is very fun and entertaining and will keep you excited for what will happen next. It contains large area filled with locations to explore.


One of the best superhero games!

Sandoooooo | Aug. 26, 2012 | Review of Batham Arkham City - PC

Batman: Arkham City™ is one of the best action/adventure third person game I've ever played. It's just a masterpiece and has an ultimate superhero experience. It's pretty long, and you won't be bored while playing it. The mainstory will take around 15-20 hours to finish it, and around 10 more hours to finish the sidemissions. Everything in this game was pretty well done such as the rich gameplay, the great voice acting, the awesome characters, and the incredible storyline. This game is a must buy, especially when it's on sale!


Not excellent. Not bad.

Sandoooooo | Aug. 13, 2012 | Review of Homefront - PC

I wouldn't go over 66/100 for this game as it is irrefutably one of the best storylines that the gaming universe has seen, muddled up in too many cliche scenes and very Call-of-Duty style gameplay. I find it as one of those games you can only barely play. Only Just captured my intelligence through many previews and lead-ups to the game. Multiplayer on the other hand does deserve a little ,if any, praise for its constructive potential and the use of in-game credits to buy power-ups, vehicles, ammo, etc. It is a fun game for the first few hours, then becomes boring quickly. This game is hardly worth anything over $30. I made a mistake, I paid the full price of the game and didn't wait for the game to be on sale.


Get this if you're fan of Max Payne 3!

Sandoooooo | Aug. 12, 2012 | Review of Max Payne 3 Local Justice DLC - PC

This DLC is recommended if you're a fan of the online multiplayer of Max Payne 3. It adds 1 new gun, 2 new perks, and 3 new maps. Rockstar have made this DLC to keep things refreshed. Nothing to say more. It's well designed content for a good price.


Loads of fun!

Sandoooooo | Aug. 12, 2012 | Review of LA Noire (1) - PC

Rockstar have done it again. They've created another game with a richer story than you'd get from a modern Hollywood blockbuster. They combined it with a new style of game. L.A. Noire tells the story of Cole Phelps, an LAPD detective in post-war Los Angeles. While the game has the same look and feel of Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption. L.A. Noire's gameplay is completely different. Gone is the ability to shoot up the average passer-by; as Cole Phelps, you're a good cop in a world of corruption. Instead of pumping lead into the criminals, you now have to coerce information and confessions out of them. Suspects must be interrogated in order to open up new avenues for you to investigate. This game takes a bit of brainpower and skill in order to read whether your suspect is telling the truth, or if they're trying to serve you a plate full of stinking lies. Revolutionary, refreshing and compelling. L.A. Noire will keep you hooked as long as you can appreciate it for what it is. This game is mature rated, and it has adult themes and languages, along with blood and violence which makes it not a great game for children.


Ultimate RPG Game!

Sandoooooo | Aug. 12, 2012 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 3 - PC

It's simply the best open-world role playing game I've ever played, and it's 2011's Game of the Year. An incredible and deep experience. You need to spend hours and hours to fully explore Skyrim. This game is beautiful, amazing, and brilliant. I have nothing to say more. Just get the game. It worths every single cent. It'll take you in a wonderful atmosphere of +120 hours. This game is just like Fallout 3, but with dragons & swords. Well done, Bethesda.


Truly a masterpiece

Sandoooooo | Aug. 12, 2012 | Review of Assassins Creed 2 Deluxe Edition - PC

Inspite of Ubisoft's sketchy and poor DRM. This game is just brilliant with an epic long story filled with action. In the first 3 sequences, I found myself a little bit bored untill it started getting more exciting. I liked the fun free running and the smooth gameplay in this game. However, the camera angle goes wrong sometimes, but it's still amazing. I never felt that I've spent over 30 hours playing this game. Highly enjoyable and recommended to play.



Sandoooooo | Aug. 12, 2012 | Review of Mafia II - PC

This game is a fantastic third-person shooter. It's about you (Vito Scaletta) after you come back from a war to start a crime life with your friend (Joe Barbaro). I loved everything in this game except how short it's. It'll just take 9-10 hours to finish it. I really wished to keep on playing this game, but that's how it was, short. Every mission in this game was creative and original, unlike the missions of the other games of its type. This game is just a playable movie! The voice acting is pretty well done with italian accent. The conversations between the characters were humorous. I liked this game and I'll be waiting for Mafia III..