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Fun but has it's down falls

Sandtrap | June 17, 2014 | Review of The Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC

If you like Lord of the rings then this game is definitely worth a play through. Single player is definitely not as good as playing Co-Op. Graphics are not bad could be better and I had this feeling while playing it that if the spent just a little longer in developing the game it would have been great! It's got good RPG elements to the game with dialogue options to chose from however this is mainly to get more background story and more information your choices really don't have much impact to the game overall. Some of the locations were very well thought out with a small amount of exploration allowed but overall it is a pretty linier game. I did like the overall game play and smashing in orc skulls and combo moves / animations were smooth. The loot system and gear upgrading during the game was good if not a bit clumsy had to swap back and forth from shop screen / Inventory / character screen to see if any items looted or being sold were better by comparison. Another couple of things that irked was firstly your character could not jump and secondly having invisible walls everywhere. Overall it was an enjoyable game, even though it had its flaws. Like said before far more fun in Co-Op.