Reviews by SantaSteamKeys


Simple but fun

SantaSteamKeys | July 27, 2014 | Review of Dead Pixels - PC

In the last few years, pixel graphics have become a pretty big thing and Dead Pixels is one of the games that helped make the style so popular. It's quite a simple game so there isn't very much to say about it, but it's a good game simply because it's fun. It's fun because everyone enjoys shooting zomies all day - if you say you don't, you're probably a liar! Overall, Dead Pixels is a very good game and it can even cause some nostalgia for older gamers. The game features some of the nicest pixel graphics I've seen so far, and it's very possible to spend hours playing it. Oh, and it's current price, you have NO excuse not to try it out!


Great game but has one MAJOR issue

SantaSteamKeys | July 24, 2014 | Review of Fallout 3 - PC

Fallout 3 is a classic game. It's fantastic. In the game, you can do whatever you want - there's a lot of freedom. It's very easy to waste hundreds of hours of your life playing it. You can play it seriously, or you can mess around and play it comedically. If you like first person shooters and role playing games, Fallout 3 is 100% for you. The music sticks in your head and the graphics are very nice considering it was released in 2008. Unfortunately, the PC edition of Fallout 3 has one very serious issue - it isn't properly compatible with Windows 7 or 8 and if you use either of these operating systems, you will likely have to do various things just to make it work on your computer. This is a major problem and I hope Bethesda fixes it at some point in time. Overall, amazing game but seriously let down by this one problem. 8.5/10.


You'll never get bored of it!

SantaSteamKeys | July 19, 2014 | Review of Fallout New Vegas Bethesda - PC

I picked up Fallout New Vegas because I've played a couple of Fallout games before and really loved them. I thought I'd love New Vegas just as much, but nope, I loved (and still do love it) even more so! Open world games like this are simply amazing - you can get about 200+ hours of gameplay with the main game and there are quite a few awesome mods for the game which gave me more than 100 hours extra gameplay.