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A Good Game marred by No Replay Value and a Lousy Story

SavantTwo | July 29, 2013 | Review of The Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC

I am quite a big Tolkien fan and I have enjoyed adventuring in Middle-Earth ever since the release of The Two Towers for XBox back in 2002. Long story short, if you love hack and slash games with a fairly original story, then this game is for you. To start with the positives, the combat system in this game is incredibly fluid with very few hiccups in performance as long as you have a decent computer. Stringing together combos on the PC works very well, but it feels like one would be better served if they played with an XBox controller. In addition, the sense of atmosphere is incredibly well done, especially as you proceed through levels like the Barrow Downs that have a very creepy feel to them. I also liked that you had to face a wide variety of enemies, which have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The AI is intelligent enough to exploit these to their fullest potential, such as having mages deploy spells that block incoming projectiles. Luckily, the developers did good work on the solo play because my AI comrades were also intelligent enough to do the same. That said, this game suffers from a hacked together story, no replay value and one note characters. It essentially boils down to this. You are a side group that guards the North in the wake of the Fellowship marching south. Here is a bad guy that works for Sauron. Go kill him. While that is not bad, there was no emotional context and I didn't care about the protagonists... and then the game just ends.