Reviews by SayEstLow


A classic game, perfect for nostalgic but still nice to discover

SayEstLow | Sept. 14, 2013 | Review of Final Fantasy VII - PC

Since my old Playstation 1 can't run anymore my game discs and the fact that the first PC edition of the game can't run on modern PC, I couldn't ignore this new release. The game is still great nowadays. You'll have numerous hours of playing. The gameplay is deep; thanks to the "Materia System" which allow you to heavily customize character's abilities). The story and its universe are breath taking. However, if the game can't get a perfect note, it's totaly because of the range of the remake. You'll have the full experience of the original game, but they did as little work as possible : - no improvement for the models - they put midi generated musics instead of the original, not compressed ones - they didn't even enhance the cinematics - they just had a "in the cloud" saves which don't work (but you can still keep them local) But the game is still a classic, a must-have if you never played it.


A good space game with arcade-style, but still limited.

SayEstLow | Sept. 14, 2013 | Review of Galaxy on Fire 2 - PC

I bought this game while seeking for a Freelancer-like space game. Beside the fact that the game is not too deep nor has "next generation graphics", it's still fun to play and kind for the eyes. But don't expect to live an oneiric experience through a lyric story.


Well made, taking and replayable

SayEstLow | Sept. 14, 2013 | Review of Sine Mora - PC

A modern shot'em up with horizontal scrolling. It's pretty, the story give a good rythm and the difficulty is well proportionned. If you're nostalgic of the old R-Type games, this one could provide you a bit of remembrance. However, the nice graphics can make its readability difficult.