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Good, but could be better.

Scamalot | Nov. 24, 2013 | Review of SimCity (EU)

The launch of this game was a total fail, but all the issued since then have been solved. Servers are fine and they are even working on offline mode. Continous development is a plus.

The game is relaxing but can get challenging if you so desire. Sandbox mode is if you just want to build your city with ease, or to test stuff out before making a huge mistake on your non-sandbox mode city. The game looks amazing even on low-end machines and even better on high-end PCs.

There is still lots to improve, the traffic system is pretty bad, for example sometimes ambulances can get stuck in a loop. Area for the city is way too small for more than 200,000 people. Then there are the minor bugs that occur once in a while like not being able to draw road from place A to B becouse "Can't place road through placed buildings, even if there is nothing there.

Overall the game is good, but not excellent. If you don't mind the little bugs and like the genre, this game is for you.