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Scar1358 | July 9, 2011 | Review of Men of War - PC

Let me start of by saying if you dont like RTS (real time strategy) you will not like this game! Being me i love RTS games! This one takes on the battle field of WW2 this game does have a single player and multiplayer. I reccomend to play this game in co-op with a friend because the missions are brutal! Which is always a great thing when you face against a game that is hard but not super hard that you give up! The setting and visuals are amazing in this game so don't be thinking its something you find in minecraft graphics xD. The gameplay is great but there are some things that are negative about this game. If you havn't had any experience with RTS wartime games you may not want to get this to try out since the missions are quite hard to complete. I give this game 85/100 :)