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Properties and game mechanics

SchmiRaj | June 28, 2014 | Review of Star Wars Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast MAC - PC

This game is epic and wonderfully reflects the incarnation of Kyle Katarn in the role of an agent. Although this part is a continuation of this work, it does not prove that havebeen DLC. Theme of avenging his father and saving the Valley of the Jedi against the onslaught of the Dark Jedi is very charming and reminiscent as it is played in the previous section. As it befits Star Wars, we will once again fight evil and darkness with more types of new weapons, lightsabers and tricks waving them. Control may irritate some, because our main character can say that the'' slip'' on the glass floor. one may interfere, and the second one does not. Let us now turn to the graphics. Although the game originated in 2002, is a graphic so not deterred as it was compared to other games of that breakthrough. Lightsaber effects are really nice, and the shooting of laserowegop blaster Ještěd more charming than in the previous sections. In my opinion, the game deserves a purchase, so what more there in August I will elaborate ... Let every visitor to this site will buy it in the dark!


Best RPG so far

SchmiRaj | June 19, 2014 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim bethesda - PC

I do not know how you can not not admire this game. When it was granted in 2011, right away I wanted her to have, unfortunately, date and test-reviewed the game moved up to two years. Graphics, which can not be matched today's games already, do not change the fact that in those days it was the hit of the year. Daily walking and doing side missions from the roadside vagrants or householders speaks for itself what this world is expanded. For the first fifteen hours I had something of a shock, the study zakamurków, dungeons, fortresses and cities. In this game EVERY detail is refined, and the locations are not repeated. emphasize the focus, this game is in the form of prizes which gave us a studio in Bethesda, in relation to other present day games. For now, just a script for the script and the same pattern, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will not have this, the total is in any part of it was not. Linearity of the world has been converted into the real world. Let's get to the specifics, the game belongs to the RPG genre and is actually in the polished and each resembles the game (I say this in relation to the games, which although appear on the shelf with the caption'' RPG'', it does not always deserve it). I am firmly convinced that we encourage anyone who even once saw this game, to buy it on this site. I think this game deserves the title game in 2011! PS. In this site you can buy this game for a small price, than anywhere else!