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Only worth it if you really liked TWD

SeanBeanDies | Sept. 25, 2014 | Review of The Walking Dead 400 Days - PC

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is a reasonable priced DLC at €4.99, it is entirely separate from the main part of the game (except for a few supporting characters were in the original game) and offers five short stories were you play as a different character each time. And when I say short I mean it, each character in the 400 days will take most people 15 minutes to finish, I found most ended quite abruptly. Each of the five short stories have you make atleast one difficult choice, some people may replay each character twice to get both endings, this would double the playtime of this DLC. I played through each character in this DLC once, it took me 90 minutes to finish it, the writing isn't as good as in the original game, but it's still pretty good, the problem is however, you get very little time to know your character before you are forced to make hard choices, which leaves you feeling like you just watched the last 15 minutes of a 2 hour movie about that character. I've been told that these characters return in Season 2, and this DLC provides back story to them. My final verdict: I'd recommend players who are about to start season 2 to buy and play this DLC, so they get a nice bit of backstory to all of the characters in season 2. People who aren't looking for backstory in season 2, I'd recommend waiting for a sale and getting this DLC at a reduced price. For people who aren't big TWD fans, this DLC just doesn't provide enough content for the price of €4.99, I'd recommend most people just watch a YouTube play through of this DLC or wait for a sale. 6/10


Simple to play, fun with friends.

SeanBeanDies | July 14, 2014 | Review of Defcon Everybody Dies Steam - PC

Defcon is a very simple RTS that is at it's best when played with a group of friends. The game revolves around a ever increasing defcon level, when you have a group of friends playing tension rises as the level increases, as each level it does, more weapons are unlocked for use against each other, once the defcon reaches the highest level, nukes are available for use. The games simple and easy to learn gameplay and UI make it great for getting a group of people who aren't pros at gaming together to play a bit of RTS together, however there are also problems, such as the game ending quickly sometimes when played aggressively. Another problem with the game is that due to it's simple nature, it can become boring once you've played a number of games, lessening re-playability. The game loses most of it's fun factor when you play it on your own, so I cannot recommend it to people who don't have friends who also own the game and can play with you. Overall Defcon is a fun little RTS that's easy to get into but lacks depth, if you an get it on sale and convince your friends to buy it with you, I recommend doing it for a few hours of fun.


A point and click adventure game with a excellent story

SeanBeanDies | July 14, 2014 | Review of Syberia - PC

Syberia game starts of slow, at first I felt that the story may be a bit childish for my taste, but after playing a few hours it turned out to have a really good story that almost made me cry at points. Syberia looks decent for it's age, which pretty backgrounds and scenery, something which is important for adventure games. The characters you meet on your journey are interesting and never bore you, for those of you who get really invested in the story, you can find all sorts of back story in items found around the place. The UI isn't innovative, but it is still fairly easy to use and never really annoyed me. The puzzles will definitely get the average player thinking, I'm not used to the genre so I found them difficult at times and was tempted to look up answers. Backtracking can sometimes be a problem, no one likes walking three minutes back for one item or to combine one item with something in a set place, and a couple of times I had to do just that. Sometimes the story can slow down a bit and you find yourself waiting for it to pick up speed again. Overall Syberia is a great adventure game with a well thought out and well written story, I recommend it to fans of the genre and people looking for something different from all the shooters.