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Looking for this

Sephir6 | May 6, 2014 | Review of Dark Souls II EU Post - PC

You will die and you will see a lot of deaths. If you didn't play Dark Souls first, I woul recommend it, they are both incredible games with his own settings. And for me that's the point. I have read many people who didn't like the new atmosphere, the design level, the bosses, etc. saying that they were much better in the first one. Well, for me actually I'm liking more the exploration of this one, I think they have made an improvement, with more secrets, more rewards and more fun. The first one was like "everything is connected", it was very very cool but after played that, I want something new, and I like much this new one, you can teleport, which doesn't mean more easy, but more free level design and much less time walking. The atmosphere is mainly subjective, I love this one because is different from the one, it's more open and big, with more light some times, but also has darkness. One point that I like is the torch system. From the bosses, well I think that having played the original it loose a little because you expect somethings. But there are some unique bosses very funny too. I would not say they are better but they are also very good. One thing is there are MANY people now playing and it's too easy to get help if you want. There are a lot of things really new, and I love that, is Dark Souls but new, just perfect. It's not just the same like an expansion. Maybe you don't like all the new things but they are well choiced. For example, Soul Memory, I remember that in the first I had more invasions in the first part of the game from people with all the gear maxed when I started the game, what's the point? Every decision design they made is perfect, it's Dark Souls but with a lot of new things to learn so is being new too. Just what wanted. Also, online is much better, playing the first day and there is help everywhere if you need.


The game you need

Sephir6 | April 22, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 Overflow 1 - PC

Do you need a shooter? Do you want to play with friends? Okey, there are a lot of games like that... But this game has everything! The story is good, nothing incredible but has one of the best evil character as your rival in a long time. It has a very special setting, gore, laughts, strange characters, strange world, you can check that in any video or image. The gamplay is fantastic, team, different characters, skills, a lot of enemies to kill, bosses, giant bosses, etc. A very good shooter mixed with RPG, so need equipment, a lot, level up, replay value, know enemies, you have your own character. I love role and is very grateful too see this in a shooter. What more can I say? Graphics are excellent, music also, I can't say anything bad from this game. If you want to play alone you will loose an important aspect of the game, but doesn't mean is bad. You will also have fun alone and will be a challenge. And a final thing, it has a lot of DLC, they are worth it! Buy also a season pass. There is one oriented to dungeons and dragons. Perfect and very funny for people like me who play a lot of role.