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It's sort of alright

Setsaku | May 26, 2013 | Review of Skyward Collapse - PC

I purchased the game due to my love of god games and the description seemed like something I could really get into. Off the bat, the game has a pretty standard (not a bad thing) artstyle about it, nothing flashy. The gimmick of this game is that you need to build up two opposing cities that will automatically try and kill each other, and simultaneously try and keep them from obliterating themselves. It seems like an easy idea to overcome but the game throws several curveballs at you in the forms of bandit fortresses, special events called "woes", and differences in the units each city has access to can skew battles greatly. This is where you come in, you have the power to drop certain "god" units out of thin air for either side. It is pretty satisfying seeing an armada of Blue units get wiped out by a single Minotaur. The entire ordeal takes place on generated cubic maps, which expands over time. You can change a single block of land at will at the cost of an "Action Point", basically the amount of times you can perform an action per city per turn. This is useful when one of your cities is losing a battle with several forces closing in, you can surround the cities with impassable mountains to protect it until it can get on its feet again. Overall it's a very interesting game idea, and I do believe it's worth the five dollars. Just don't expect eye popping animations or graphics, the gameplay itself is surprisingly deep.