Reviews by Settaz


Fun, then it ends

Settaz | Oct. 3, 2013 | Review of The Sims 3 University Life NA - PC

The whole university experience seems a bit to short. It gets fun, the experience i fun but then it's over after 2 weeks. I thought they should have added more options for a longer term. In saying that, this is a fun expansion and the whole university is like a whole other world along with a lot of furniture, clothing, and other aspects added to the game in general. You can go back to college, so I guess that makes up for the fact that it ends too soon.


Good Expansion, Comes with an Asterick

Settaz | Oct. 1, 2013 | Review of The Sims 3 Late Night NA Origin - PC

Okay, so this can be a very fun expansion for a while. You go out get to party, meet celebrities become a celebrity (which is far to easy by the way), and you get to live in a penthouse! But, within that penthouse is little to nothing, it's a very small space where I'd personally like to live in a house. If you don't have an up to par CPU, Graphics Card, or something that the game thinks your computer/laptop isn't good than your experience will be very bad and dry. The clubs are empty, there aren't any sims anywhere, and this requires extra to get the game actually populated. So, if you have a single sim that likes to party and a good enough rig to play it on than this should be a pretty good expansion!


Not great, but coming along

Settaz | Sept. 21, 2013 | Review of Total War Rome II Post - PC

The game was released with so many bugs, it's ridiculous. But, CA has been working to release weekly patches for this mess they shouldn't have released in the first place. With these patches the game has been improving, though it's nowhere near where it should be yet, because the AI behavior is still really bad. For example, your opponent's plan is basically to completely ignore you and to charge directly to some sort of victory point that they can use to win the battle without even fighting you, which can get very annoying. But, you will see in the coming weeks that it will improve gradually with more beta releases for patches.