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I recommend this game with some caveats

Sexbad | July 7, 2013 | Review of Max Payne 3 Steam - PC

Gameplay-wise, Max 3 is entirely a one-note game. It's all--all--about jumping sideways in slow motion and shooting at things while you're jumping sideways in slow motion, but the gunplay is so masterfully crafted that every single firefight is really entertaining. If you're good, the AI won't get much chance to react to incoming bullets, but it normally performs on a nice mixture of scripts and dynamic behaviors that make it seem like it's a real person you're tearing apart. The guns are honestly a little weak sounding, but every single bullet's impact has a very visceral effect, whether it's on a guy's jaw or the environment around him. By the end you get yourself into some pretty complex firefights with guys swarming around you in large environments, and it's pretty tough and absolutely thrilling all the way through. On the other hand, the cutscenes are no joke. They're well directed and fairly well written, but they don't pace the game well. There will just be stretches of cutscenes for, say, ten minutes to set up a level that is mostly firefights without any real story going on. I found that I can't skip through most of them, and what I was able to skip seemed pretty arbitrary. That said, the narrative is still nice and it has some gripping moments and dark themes. An unfortunate side effect of the reliance on cutscenes is how the game just uses them to railroad you from one firefight to the next with very little interesting overarching level design. The actual combat environments are extremely well crafted, though, so the core gameplay isn't truly harmed. Max 3 can become tedious at times because of the storytelling, but every firefight is so damn great that it stands strong anyway.